Monday, September 27, 2010

Star Gazing

Tonight at Denny's, Nate (D. Nathan Hilliard) and I explored the writing world for all we had. From word count to blurbs, to setting and plot, we shared, debated, and laughed our way through another cool writers' night out! 

For the first time, I experienced a new "high" today. My little short story, HALO AND HOLLY made it in the top 100 sold on Amazon! The ranking numbers started climbing immediately, but for that one hour today, I hit #65 in the top Kindle books sold--what a feeling!!!! 

I've noticed a tiny influx of my other titles as well; nothing compared to HALO AND HOLLY, but it's a start. Small things tickle me to pieces, so this was a biggie for me. 

A close friend of mind, Debi Terral is having her birthday today--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEB! And this Thursday is my brother's birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROTHER! Boy, time surely is flying by. Wished I could grab some of it and seal it in a container for later in my life. 

My eyes are getting heavy which means my brain is about to shut down. So I bid y'all a good night. 

Cooler air has hit Houston and it feels incredible outside right now!!! Bring on Winter,

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