Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to All

Wishing everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and an exciting NEW YEAR

Looking back on 2011, my heart swells with pride for the accomplishments I set out and made. Tears for the loss of two of my precious dogs, Brie and Yadar. Happiness for making it through another year without making a total ninny of myself, and also survived the drought of our lifetime this summer. 

2012 is a blank slate waiting to be filled. I'm pretty excited to grab some chalk, spit, and dust to create each day--bring it on! My writing life will improve. My taste for the unexplained more closely explored, and my passion for life will never be satisfied. 

With a song, a skip, and a dance through midnight--MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Till we meet again,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

From Santa With Love--Ninth Lord of the Night << FREE >>

Old St. Nick is arriving early! NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT, by Diana L. Driver is FREE for today, tomorrow and Tuesday. Don't let this one get away! 

One of the most intense reads, I've ever read. Follow Zack through the jungles of Guatemala as he is forced to face phenomenal decisions that will forever change and direct his life. 
NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT by Diana L. Driver is offering her novel for FREE for three days only on Kindle. Remember, if you don't have a Kindle, you can download Kindle for PC for free and start reading all the books available on Amazon!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tracking Perception is now <<< FREE >>> on Kindle

A wish on a wing, and a prayer. For today and for only a few days more, Tracking Perception is available to all Kindle owners for {{{ FREE }}}

For those who enjoy murder mysteries--let me introduce you to Becky McAllen. She's feisty, clever, and holds a heart of gold. She doesn't take much from anyone and freely speaks her mind. Becky loves four things most in life: coffee, her husband, gossip, and dogs (not necessarily in that order). Oh, and murder...especially when she can step right into the middle of it.  Tracking Perception

If you're looking for some reads to pre-load onto that special Kindle for Christmas morning, grab my novel while the gettin's hot! 

This is just the beginning for kicking off a great Christmas Season!

Happy Holidays,


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Amazon, no longer my Unrequited Lover!

Finally! Amazon noticed me! I'm in the Amazon Prime Lending Library. You can find TRACKING PERCEPTION, HALO AND HOLLY, and YESTERDAY'S CHANCE in Amazon's Prime lending library. 

Start reading any three of my titles for free through the Amazon Prime Lending Library. 

For so long with Amazon, I felt like a junior high school girl with a crush on the most popular boy in school, ...who never knew I even existed. Now, he noticed me and my heart is all pitter-patter. 

I love Amazon, Kindle and their programs for us Indie authors! 

Life is good--
Happy Trails,

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for so much!

I just returned from my Writer's Retreat in heaven. Two weeks of non-stop writing without interruptions. The distractions were most welcome and I can't believe the time flew by so quickly. 

The home I stayed in was literally like home away from home...with a doggie included. Yes, my little muse has a name--Gus. He's a salt/pepper toy poodle that is one of the most well behaved dogs I've ever had the pleasure for company. Thank you Bella for entrusting me with your precious one. And many more thanks to my friends for the use of their home. This place is House and Gardens beautiful. 

Returned in the nick of time to celebrate Thanksgiving and love on my girls (Chey and Hannah), who I missed something terrible, and of course my husband and home. 

There is something to be said about taking a trip away from the ones we love in order to pursue avenues for growth. Will I do it again? Maybe, most likely...but not anytime soon. While I was away I realized how much love my home holds and how much I missed everyone. And on the tossed side, I made a tremendous amount of headway in two novels that seemed to stagnate to the point of sheer frustration. 

Yes, my thanks extend to many and the receiving end is quite bountiful. 



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lavender Dreams -- released today!

Lavender Dreams is available! 

All royalties of this anthology goes to cancer research. Congratulations to Vicki Batman and all the other authors for contributing their labor of love for such a worthy cause! 

Let the warmth of others' sunbeams continue... 


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Presenting Regina Duke

I'm welcoming Regina Duke and her novella, Woof in the Wedding Plans. For a snappy, action packed read--this one comes highly recommended. 

If you enjoy laughing from the depth of your gut, this one's for you. If you enjoy a story that you just have to turn the next page to keep going, this one's for you. And if you enjoy stories about dogs...this one is definitely for you. FIVE STARS 

Here's a quick synopsis of Woof in the Wedding Plans: 

Wedding plans are well along, but Terri hates the plans and hates the planner! She has adopted a German shepherd, but he thinks he belongs to Russ, and Russ's two shepherds are not happy about it. Although Russ is the man of Terri's dreams, her future father-in-law is turning into the man of her nightmares. Her job may be in danger as well. Now one phone call throws her life into turmoil. Something has happened to Russ!
Come along for the ride as Terri tries to salvage her marriage plans and save her man! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some end of summer reads

It's the end of the summer. Cooler weather is beginning to move down on our hot little heads. Finally! 

This has been the summer to remember--weather wise. I'll talk more about this summer once I can get my emotions in check from the drought, water conservation, trees dying, and now raging fires throughout my state. I live in Texas. 

These are my three stories: Tracking Perception (mystery novel), Halo and Holly (short story), and Yesterday's Chance (short story). All have wonderful endings, Happily Ever After, and I hope if you read them you can close them with a smile. They were written with love. 

I say goodnight with constant prayers for my neighbors who have lost their homes, their treasures, their lives. May the weather change soon and bring us blessed rain. 

Waving from Texas,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fatal Liaison, by Vicki Tyley is now available!

Vicki Tyley's Fatal Liaison is definitely the best I've read all summer. Her style of writing and the life she's breathed into her characters bring them right off the page. Fatal Liaison kept me guessing and re-guessing till the very end. Well done, Vicki! 
Here's a quick blurb: 

The lives of two strangers, Greg Jenkins and Megan Brighton, become inextricably entangled when they each sign up for a dinner dating agency. Greg's reason for joining has nothing to do with looking for love. His recently divorced sister Sam has disappeared and Greg is convinced that 'Dinner for Twelve', or at least one of its clients, may be responsible. Neither is Megan looking for love. Although single, she only joined at her best friend Brenda De Luca's insistence. When a client of the dating agency is murdered, suspicion falls on several of the members. Then Megan's friend Brenda disappears without trace, and Megan and Greg join forces. Will they find Sam and Brenda, or are they about to step into the same inescapable snare? 

Fatal Liaison is available on Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. 

The suspense in Vicki Tyley's latest is an absolute FIVE stars. 
Happy reading,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nature's Super-Models

As summer has progressed, so has my 100 titles reading pile. I'll post the titles over on Goodreads in the next couple of weeks as I finish. Hopefully by September 21st, the 100 title read fest will be complete. 

For the last 3 years, I've followed the Caylee Anthony case closely. It breaks my heart in a way that touched me deeply. Yes, I agree with our American judicial system, but I do not agree with the verdict. So very sad. Nuff said. 

NOW, let me entertain you with some of the delights that live in and around my back yard. Let the runway commence:
 This little beauty is a blue-tail lizard. Isn't he gorgeous?

This is Meeeeeee! (Bluejay) He loves the camera and insisted on being 2nd on the runway. His wish was granted. 

The Cardinal and the Woodpecker -- oooh and aaaah. Mr. Cardinal and Mr. Red Head Woodpecker both wanted to show off their brilliant red heads while posing for a quick snap. 

Now what would complete a Nature's Supermodel's runway? Why a bit of "frolocking" and misbehaving! Yes, our Cheyenne completes the show with her own unique talent. Making us laugh! 

Hope you enjoyed the show. Have a wonderful weekend and a safe week ahead. 

Keep whistling and skipping,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer has arrived

The May totals came in from Amazon. Wow! I doubled my totals. (happy, happy, happy!) 

Summer is in full swing here in Houston and I can't begin to tell everyone how much I hate hot weather. :(  But, June is here and it's time to Heartguard our dog-babies, and make an extra pitcher of iced tea. 

I'm on a quest to read 100 books this summer and actually started on May 1st. Hopefully, this feat will be accomplished. No doubts, cause I love to read. 

If anyone is interested in an cute little cozy TRACKING PERCEPTION is available on Kindle for .99cents. You can just click the pic below and it'll take you to my Amazon buy page. 
As always, I wish all my best. Keep smiling and writing, and especially reading.

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guard your words

More and more I'm hearing horror stories of how some authors are having their novels stolen and placed in ebooks on various sites by scrupulous persons without any morals. Hard work that's being stolen and placed up with some thief's name as the writer. Has our society reached the point of no return? I hope not. 

This is what I'm going to advise--hold your words as close to your chest as possible. Don't speak of a title, or give any highlights, and for goodness sake don't put up any chapters or rambling thoughts about your book and what it contains...until IT IS PUBLISHED! Guard your words as close to your chest as you would your SS#. It won't be long till us Indie Writers have formed enough of a strong hold that we can retaliate with the proper channels. Won't be long. 

On a lighter note--I'm thinking about Amazon DE (Germany). Maybe because it's so new or maybe because of the language barriers--whatever the hold-back, I'm wondering how to promote. See, I can say in German, "sit," "stay," "down," "alert," "search drugs," "go pee," and many other German canine commands...but when it comes to conversing, well oops! I'm at a loss!! And I don't think telling someone to "go pee" would be a nice icebreaker. :-) 

Guard your words, keep your chin up, and happy writing AND reading,


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

KDP Heads

Tracking Perception
All Indie authors know what KDP is, if they're pub'd on Kindle. I've turned into a KDP Head. It stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. 

I check my numbers five minutes after the hour and the half-hour constantly. Then I run check my ranking numbers. And then I run over to the categories I'm in to see where I'm placed. (yep, I've turned into a KDP Head :-) It's basically "writer's crack." LOL!

I can now say I've joined the 100 club! Boy, what a feeling! 

On the flip side to my discombobulated life--my husband and I set up a hummingbird feeder, 2 regular bird feeders and a squirrel feeder in our backyard. Wouldn't you know it the squirrels like the bird food better! And the birds, especially the Bluejays, like the squirrel food! Soooo, everyone seems pretty happy eating till their little bellies are full. That makes me happy.

I love nature and I love the critters running around. Here's a snapshot of one of the squirrels stretched out hanging upside down...laying claim to his own feeder. ha! 

Life surrounds us all so many good things.

Embrace it with open arms...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Summer's around the corner

Summer's just around the corner. Time to stack up on your summer reading. You know, add to the TBR! (To Be Read) 

With the economy in the shape of a thin red line...I want to express how much entertainment can be had--with books. Some are downright cheap (like mine!) I offer two short stories, Halo and Holly and Yesterday's Chance at .99cents each. Also, I have a full novel, TRACKING PERCEPTION going for the same .99cent value. And, for a few dollars more, you can read Impact For Murder. All on the Kindle

I took off this past week to get some much needed writing done and am having such a good time -- I'm going to take next week off too. The flow is too strong for me to back off now. So, what I'm saying is that I won't be on the internet as much, or FB, or loops, or anywhere...just here chatting with my characters, loving on my dogs, swigging down coffee and having the best time ever!! As writers, we do what we have to do, and speaking for myself, I love this part of my life! 

Happy writing, happy reading--


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thin Blood by Vicki Tyley in Audio

Vicki Tyley's Thin Blood is now on Audio! This is exciting!!!

I’m delighted to announce that Thin Blood has just been released in audio.

Narrated by Basil Sands

Running time: 7 hours, 38 minutes | Unabridged

Produced by Perfect Voices

$34.95 $12.99 (save 63%)

Listen to SAMPLE/purchase at

Craig Edmonds, a successful stockbroker, reports the disappearance of his wife, Kirsty. What starts as a typical missing person’s case soon evolves into a full-blown homicide investigation when forensics uncover blood traces and dark-blonde hairs in the boot of the missing woman’s car. Added to this, is Craig’s adulterous affair with the victim’s younger sister, Narelle Croswell, compounded further by a recently acquired $1,000,000 insurance policy on his wife’s life. He is charged with murder but, with no body and only circumstantial evidence, he walks free when two trials resulting in hung juries fail to convict him.

Ten years later, Jacinta Deller, a newspaper journalist is retrenched. Working on a freelance story about missing persons, she comes across the all but forgotten Edmonds case. When she discovers her boyfriend, Brett Rhodes, works with Narelle Croswell, who is not only the victim’s sister but is now married to the prime suspect, her sister’s husband, she thinks she has found the perfect angle for her article. Instead, her life is turned upside down, as befriending the woman, she becomes embroiled in a warped game of delusion and murder.

Don't miss out on this opportunity--just $12.99 for a limited time. 

Congratulations, Vicki--


Friday, April 22, 2011

Writer Labeling

There can be more information gained on the internet than one person is able to perceive. For a writer, the tools are invaluable. 

Lately, the talk is all about classifying writers. 

I am an Indie! I control my words, my covers, my publishing dates, my promotion techniques... In other words, I do it all myself. I no longer answer to anyone but myself. This is freedom, folks. 

Whether you are self-published through a company who you end up paying out the wazoo to get a book published (which isn't much different than being with a small press and their model agency), or through a small press, or legacy published, you will have to answer to someone else. That's the facts. When that publisher--small press or legacy-- as a publishing house, doesn't stand behind their authors in marketing all their authors in every aspect to bring to the reader what is available from its house, then it is an EPIC FAILURE. Especially for the author, upon who the house will blame for poor sales. Go figure that one out!! 

So, here's a quick rundown of the new definitions in the publishing world:
Indie-(me!) Writer who does all the publishing steps themselves. 
Self-published- Going through a Vanity press.
Traditional published-Published with a small press, NOT NewYork. 
Legacy published- NY or Big 6 pub'd. 

For anyone who wishes to call me one of the above, I am an Indie, no longer bound by the gatekeepers, the guards, or the bullies at the door. And wanna know what makes me laugh about all this? No longer am I dependent on waiting every six months to see how my sales are doing (which shattered the inner child in me), through a small press, I get up to the minute sales reports now and I get paid every month from Amazon. How cool is that? 

That's right...I'm now going to the bank, wearing a grin all the way!

Keep writing,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Featured at Vicki Tyley's Blog

This weekend I'm being featured on Vicki Tyley's Blog.

What a neat surprise! TRACKING PERCEPTION, available on Kindle. :>)

Go by Vicki's place and tell her hello! 

Happy days ahead,


Gotta love Maxine!

Let's face it

After Monday and Tuesday...

even the calendar says
-  W T F

Have a great weekend.
Happy Trails,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

J.M. Cornwell's Blog--More Bread and Circuses

J.M. Cornwell's post on her blog today is dead-on! More bread and circuses. I can't find one word I disagree with. Well said, Jackie.

I read a ton of blogs keeping up with the writing industry, their opinions, their views, creative differences, and laughs. Ms. Cornwell's blog today is what I'd call, "opening the doors wide." 

Check her out, HERE.

Happy Writing,

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catching up on my TBR stack

This is the latest read I'm enjoying. BICYLCE SHOP MURDER, by Robert Burton Robinson. 

It felt exciting to read about the Kilgore/Longview area in Texas. As a Texas gal, this book really took my interest. 

So far, from the very first paragraph onward, I've been captivated. Now, I can't wait for the ending...

Today, I'm committed to finish BICYCLE SHOP MURDER

Iced tea and an afghan, I'm headed to the sofa to curl up. *grin grin*


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friendship, Peeling Away the Layers

Let me introduce my friend, Diana L. Driver, author of NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT.

We met in 2004 through a connection for writers. Diana was a Geophysicist. I thought, "what on earth am I going to be able to talk about with this woman? Sheesh!" Turns out she's one of the most rounded, educated, fun-loving people I've ever been in the company of, and we've never run out of conversation to this day. 

Diana opened a window into another diminsion for me. Going all the way back to 300BCE. Her love for history and the world we live in is infectious. When at times my eyes would glaze over (not from boredom, but whoosh, over my head), she'd bring it down to a level for the commoner (me LOL). I've learned so much from her that my professors never relayed from my college days. 

Diana's passion for writing is mind-boggling. I remember one day at her home when we were chatting about ideas and such for stories. She pulled out one of those accordian-sized folders that hold about a 100 slots in it. Packed full in every slot was paperclipped outlines she has for stories for future writings.  Well, shut my mouth! I thought I was onto something with my simple, but-thought-I-was-prolific, THREE ideas. I still crack up laughing over that one. 

In 2005, Diana self-published her novel, Ninth Lord of the Night. At that time, she worked every avenue and succeeded with getting her foot in the doors at bookstores. Our local Barnes and Noble named her as one of their "Best in Self-Publishing." She had connections with several of the bookstores, signed at many, and was written up consistently in the Houston Chronicle. No small feat for a self-published author. But, Diana set her mind to accomplish her goal and proceded to do it.

Then she was approached in 2007 by a small publishing house. She accepted with them and her book, Ninth Lord of the Night was released through traditional publishing. Estactic, we both were because my novel was released the same year through the same small press. Then everything changed! 

Bookstores no longer wanted small press, or self-published books. They turned their back on money makers in a business that should have flourished, not deminish. And publishers took on the attitude that the entire load of promoting and marketing fell on the author's shoulders. All I can say to that is this: "Epic failure," because when the "house" doesn't back up its writers, then no one wins. 

Fast-forward to the end of 2009. I bugged Diana endlessly about the changes in the publishing industry, till her eyes glazed over. I shoved every single article I read, under her nose. Then in the summer of 2010, we both had done our research throughly and knew that becoming an Indie Writer was the only way to excel in this writing world. By September 2010, I took the leap and left my traditional publishing days behind. For me, having CONTROL from start to finish is incredible. 

Diana Driver dove into the Indie World head first in January 2011. I'm so proud of her! What I haven't said through all of this is: Diana is the epitome of poise, grace, and level-headedness. She doesn't just "do things" without extensive research. (this woman went to Guatemala for her research on Ninth Lord!) 

Speaking of NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT, this is one of the best novels I've ever read in my life. Am I just saying that because we are friends...uh, no. Within our friendship, I am honest. Always. Right now, she has her novel, NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT on Kindle for .99cents. Folks, this is a bargain for a full length novel about the Maya, a teen-ager with attitude, and a world of smugglers, murderers, and a myth come true. For .99c you'll be caught up in the jungles of a world that'll bring sweat to your brow. If you prefer PRINT, she also has NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT available on Amazon for $9.99. 

For a blast into a cozy mystery, Agatha style, you might want to try her cute short story, THE END OF THE TOUR!

Diana and I have made it full circle...a circle that was never really broken. 

Let me introduce to you my friend, Diana L. Driver---