Saturday, September 11, 2010

Impact For Murder--is almost here!

Impact For Murder is almost here! 
Here's a quick peek at the cover. This is what it's about!

A debt called in, gave a murderer an opportune time to commit his deed under the cloak of deafening winds as Hurricane Matilda passed over Hollow, Texas. No one would hear a thing. Or so the killer thought.
Callie and her husband, Chief Daniel Murphy, unsuspectingly have their home turned into Shelter Central to quite a menagerie of characters before, during, and after the storm. While the hurricane passes through, Callie’s guests believe a heinous murder has taken place in the Bentley’s home, who are her backyard neighbors.
Mrs. Bentley disappears, and when a woman’s body turns up—not that of Tilley Bentley, heads spin. Callie sets out, along with her houseguests, to prove Clive Bentley did indeed kill his wife. But without a body, it’s hard to prove.
As Callie pushes herself into the investigation, with the help of her Cadaver Dog, Yadar, she walks straight into the path of a killer’s warped mind.  

As soon as it comes LIVE on Amazon, Kindle, and Fictionwise, I'll post the links. 

Life is good!

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