Sunday, May 30, 2010


Memorial Day respectfully--

Here's to all our service men and women who have in the past, present, and future served/serving/to serve our country, the great United States. I love being an American and am proud to stand up and wave my flag. 

Happy Memorial Day--let us never forget where we came from, who we are, and where we're going.

To the Red, White, and Blue,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Great Writer's Night Out

The Scent of Money. Went to Denny's for another enthusiastic Writer's Night Out! D. Nathan Hilliard, author of The Ways of Khrem and I spent an evening discussing promotions, food, children, dogs, and everything else in between. The food was tasty, the coffee hit the spot, and we laughed at the world and its problems--in a good way. 

One day when the publishing industry settles and the dust has cleared, we'll reveal to the world some of our predictions--and the crystal ball we used to conjur up some of the things we've invested our humorous-clad time developing. 

On a more serious side to the writing business, it is truly the best of times and the worst of times to be published. Depending on the route taken. For me, promoting is like busting through doors not having a clue what's on the other side. I've screamed, I've laughed, and I have almost fainted from the costs that I'm seeing being funneled from writer's pockets. This is a tough business and should not be entered into lightly. Savvy is the word needed here. Very savvy! 

Would I do anything else with my life? Don't think so. You see, I am a writer...a mystery writer driven to do just that--write. 

For anyone who loves to read, my book, The Scent of Money is the first book in a series. The sequels are coming, so keep looking! And the Kindle is one fine way to read. I love ebooks. 

My Steven is asleep and all four of our dogs, who are our fur-kids are nodding shall I. 

Happy Trails,


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moving Forwards

Life should be fun. With time zipping on, I feel I need to STOP and listen to a child giggle or a dog pant. Simple things that make us feel good. For the past several months I haven't been doing that. 

Well, at the moment the edits are coming in on Impact For Murder, due out Sept. 2010. This experience caused me to reflect deep inside myself and STOP and have some fun. So in the middle of these edits, I'm putting them aside--and went to Nate's house last night to stay with his children while he ran to the grocery to pick up a few things. I took a book, sat back (cause the kids were already in bed), and enjoyed myself for about an hour and a half. Oh, the book I read? THE WAYS OF KHREM, by D. Nathan Hilliard (yes, he and "Nate" are the same person). 

Today, I worked on a novel I had started back in January and it felt good to visit with this old friend. Our dogs, Yadar, Brie, Cheyenne, and Hannah were all in the office with me--I love that! Also, today, I spent time in the garden weeding. My heart is saturated with the good of everyday living and my husband is still the flutter of butterfly wings in my soul! 

It's all good--and I'm moving forward.

Happy Trails,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Wonderful Writer's Night Out

With lap tops slung over our shoulders, D. Nathan Hilliard and I spent an evening at Denny's Restaurant yakking like old friends discussing all about the writer's life. 

We covered contests, forums, ideas for promoting, and scheduling time to write. And our personal lives --

Today, my personal life ran as usual...discombobulated! I'm a mess and own up to it. Had an appointment with our vet, Dr. Karla Hilliard (Nate's wife and a close friend of mine), to take Yadar, our male German shepherd in for his annual shots, but couldn't get him lifted up inside the truck. He weighs 90 lbs. and is 14 yrs. old. I'm a weakling. After 15 frustrating minutes, poor baby, he was really patient with me, but we both gave up and I ran back inside and cancelled the appointment. Rescheduled for next week on a day when my husband can be home so he can lift him up and down out of the truck. That problem solved. 

Received my edits yesterday from my editor for my latest novel, Impact For Murder (due out in September), only to realize I'm an idiot and didn't know how to open a "read only" file---sheesh, I feel silly! Now I know and all is copacetic in that regards as of today. But I wasted an entire day trying to figure it out. lol. 

I'm a Kindle reader, and love books. Went to open it up for an afternoon break, only to realize I had let the battery run down...sooooo, it's still charging and I'm sure she'll be up and running by morning. 

Our Cheyenne got a "Summer Do" and is well, shaved. She loves it and we tell her all the time how pretty she is. I don't think she's buying it. A big furry Great Pyrenees that had the Farrah Fawcet look now resembles Twiggy. She knows! lol. 



She's still our beauty! And by the end of Summer she'll look like her long, flowing, blonde trestles, again. 

All in all, it's been a good day.

Happy Trails,
P.S. (yep, there is one) Today, my copy of THE WAYS OF KHREM, by D. Nathan Hilliard arrived. Tonight at Denny's Nate signed my personal copy. And by the way--if you read the dedication page--yeppers, I'm included!!! How neat is that??????!!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nate's book is now out!

D. Nathan Hilliard's book, THE WAYS OF KHREM, is available on Amazon! If you enjoy Fantasy--this will be right up your alley.


Congratulations and all best wishes to Nate!


Monday, May 10, 2010

In Search of Book Holders

Gearing up for ApolloCon at the end of June is quickly approaching. Doing book signings and setting up the table has always been a little tricky for me. For a writer, displaying your books on the table is necessary. I've always used little plate easels and the books fall over. So, I jumped on Amazon and found the Book Stands that are perfect. (scroll overBook Stands and you can see what I purchased...perfect!) 

On a personal note, yesterday was Mother's Day and I do hope all women took some time to reflect on their Moms or bask in the glory of being one. Mothers are truly special and should be honored.

This morning I'm anxious to get back to my current project and charge back into Becky McAllen's world in my next novel, titled, "The Scent of Silence." She's funny, full of beans, and finds laughing to be the best medicine. She's smart, clever, and is humbled by the folks in her life. I like this gal.

A ping of an idea keeps tapping in my brain to write about a character living in a much darker frame of mind than Becky McAllen. All my work carries lots of humor, this one won't be. In order for me to do this, I'll have to stand naked before the world and strip out of the inhibitions I hold so close inside. Am I ready? Oh yeah--it's time.

Happy Trails and Happy Monday,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Promoting Myself

The Scent of Money, my first novel is one chosen for Eurostar's Chief Executive as his "favourite book." Sooo, since it's mine, too, thought I would mention this today, since Mother's Day is Sunday--Kindle users can download it in a flash! 

Happy Mother's Day to all---

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sharing in Celebration

Last night, D. Nathan Hilliard and I celebrated at Denny's Restaurant over his upcoming new release; THE WAYS OF KHREM. It's his debut novel and for all fantasy lovers--this one is a winner. Nate's book will be coming out about mid-May on Amazon. Look for it! 

Other news we discussed over hamburgers, fries, and coffee was how quickly the world of publishing is changing before our very eyes and on a day-to-day level. Right now, I can't shout loud enough, is the greatest time in the world to be published. 

So much of the stigma is disappearing towards self-published writers and the doors are opening on all scopes--this is a good thing. What choices we make as writers should be ours to make with honor. No matter what road we wish to walk--after all it's our personal journey to strive. 

"Impact For Murder" excites me to talk about, but it's too soon before publication. So, I must curtail my enthusiasm and pause with a deep breath. But, as time nears September, I'll let her rip! 

Happy Trails,