Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halo and Holly is up LIVE on Kindle

I'm unable to stop the giggles!  

HALO and HOLLY is now available on Kindle! 

Now for all you who don't understand about the little pic with the buy button on Amazon--let me explain. Clicking on it won't make you buy it. It will take you to my Halo and Holly page, where you have a choice. AND, for those who don't own a Kindle? You can download the "Kindle for PC" to your desktop (it's free!) :) 

This little short story, although is fiction, is based on our Great Pyrenees, Cheyenne. She wanted me to tell HER story, since I always write about German shepherds. She wanted me to tell the world that her breed of dogs are truly Gentle Giants. 

It's a wonderful day in the Galbiati house and I can't help but share my enthusiasm with the world. 

Keep the (Winter) Christmas lights shining,

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