Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Writers' Night Out for 2010

Someone would think that on the final Writers' Night Out of the year, Nate (D. Nathan Hilliard) and I would at least have a bit of a spring in out steps--nope. Not even a little hop. Both of us were the epitome of bone tired drifters coming into Denny's, looking for the world lost, weary old people. 

But we've vowed to shape up in the New Year and find our production levels soaring to the top. That's high on our lists. As well as find our diets and stick to them (that's even higher on the list). 

This year is yawning behind us and we found our weakness and strength in our writing, promoting, and discovered that 90% of it all is just plain common sense. Can't put a price on that one folks! :>) 

As I close this blog for the night, it will be my last one, until 2011. It's been an incredible year, this 2010. Now, it's time to look forward, learn from my errors, tighten the reins, and march onward with more determination than ever before. 

Happy New Year! I'm going to embrace 2011 with my arms open wide!

Let the music play--

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bring It On--with a smile

2011 is nipping our noses. This coming year is a blank slate waiting to be filled and I'm already chomping at the bit in anticipation. 

2010 is now a wonderful-filled memory. So many changes occurred...all for the better! I've met new friends who are both readers and writers, and have learned so much from both. My family has grown, the fur-kids are all healthy, happy, and howling with joy, and most importantly--I too, have grown mentally and emotionally.

I want to thank my readers who invested a bit of their time and money taking a chance on me. I'm forever grateful. Thank you! 

Halo and Holly did better than I could have imagined. The Scent of Money picked up in December, and even Impact For Murder finally made a few sales. 

Staying fired up to write is something all writers face. For myself speaking, the flame in my belly burns constantly. And in early Spring, my current novel should be complete, edited, and ready to read on Kindle! Of course, it's a mystery--and the protagonist has a dog. A German shepherd, matter of fact, who loves everybody...even the murderer. The clues will all be there, the humor plenty, and the storyline will be downright fun! 

Christmas was a delight as always, and my family is incredible. I am truly blessed! 

Looking forward to our New Year as she approaches (singing and skipping),

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Flowers

Today, I received my first Christmas gift of this season--from a treasured friend, Diana Driver. Gorgeous flowers! The aroma is delightful, and as for the beauty, I can't capture in a picture. 

I'm sure it would've helped to not have set them up in front of the knitting maching and drafting tables, but hay, the sunlight was favorable. 

The vase is a red stained glass with little snowmen so cute you can't help but want to touch it. This bouquet brightened more than my smiles today!

Thank you, Diana, and Merry Christmas to you and Denny!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Four Days Till Christmas!

As we approach Christmas Day, I want to say that in whatever way you celebrate this time of year--I wish you a Merry Christmas. 

It's an exceptionally busy time in our home with all the shopping, wrapping, and hiding of gifts. See, we can't place our gifts under the tree till the morning of Christmas. We have four dogs--who'd see those pretty wrapped packages as toys to tear into. Soooo, come the morning of the 25th, Steve and I put all the presents under the tree and let our fur-kids help in the unwrapping. It's my favorite part of the day! (of course, Santa will bring something special for each of them) 

To all of you, may this season be all about giving. Whether it's with your time, or donations, or even a shared recipe or idea--keep your hearts open. 

Merry Christmas and have a joyous holiday season!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Announcing Vicki Tyley's "BRITTLE SHADOWS"

It gives me great pleasure to announce Vicki Tyley's BRITTLE SHADOWS

With much anticipation, Vicki Tyley's novel, Brittle Shadows is now available on Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook

Brittle Shadows left me in awe at the depth of good writing and a mystery so tight, it caught me off-guard! As I was one of the few fortunate asked to read the pre-release copy, I can't tell you, as a writer, how Ms. Tyley brought out more twists to the plot that leaves you thinking about the novel long after you've finished the final page. Highly recommended, definitely 5 stars!

Vicki has two other novels out, THIN BLOOD, which was chosen as Amazon's "Best of 2010," and SLEIGHT MALICE.

Ms. Tyley lives in Australia in one of the most beautiful areas on earth, surrounded by some of nature's most fascinating creatures. You can find her website: HERE 

And be sure to check out her web blog: HERE. For a peek into her surroundings in Australia, you can see her photo blog: HERE

Note: As I am a writer, I'm also an avid reader--thank you, Vicki, for entertaining me till the wee hours of the morning, because I couldn't put your book down!

Congratulations on Vicki Tyley's release of BRITTLE SHADOWS!!

Also, Vicki is going to do "FREE GIFTING" to THREE lucky commenters on this blog through Kindle! So commence to comment away!

Good reading, and good writing to all--

Friday, December 10, 2010

A New Chapter Opens in Our Lives

The Houston Police Department is minus one. It's official, my husband is now honorably retired as of today's date. 

Until now, I promised my husband (per his request) I wouldn't blog about where he worked, or give any details. I kept that promise. Now, I'm free to blab. 

My husband...a proud man, an honorable man. He served our country and our city well. For twenty-eight years he left our home to protect and serve with a skip in his step. He cared for the people in his beat, he cared for the Department, and he cared for the victims. His belief in what's RIGHT overrules all else. 

Many years ago shortly after we met, I remember the day he told me he wanted to be a cop. I learned to pray really hard from that day on. And not one day has ever been missed. I thank God for hearing my prayers and seeing us through a lifetime with his life still in tact. And for keeping him all in one piece. 

So now? Well, my sweet husband is in the process of turning his "office" at home into a MAN CAVE! Oh good grief--he's gone overboard, gutting out the old and putting in new speakers, big screen TV, stereo, main-streaming, wireless, wired, and new cabinets, wall decor, new chair, and any other type of comfort for home entertainment. 

He also loves tools...wood working tools, plain tools, saws, sanders, planers, rippers, power tools (he especially loves power tools), and drills of every assortment. He's converting our garage into his "work shop." (shoot me now!) Although, I must say, it's looking pretty organized, so I'm not complaining too much. 

The other night we went for a stroll--we held hands and I thought how comforting it was to hold his hand and, to know that now I don't ever have to let go. 

Yes, we're starting a new chapter in our lives and I'm very grateful for having this opportunity in doing so.

I raise my glass high to you, my love--


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Amazon Studios is open

Yesterday's news broke wide open about Amazon Studios! They're in partnership with Warner Brothers! So for all you screen writers out there--go check them out. 

Health issues in week 3 of NaNoWriMo caused me to drop out, for good reason, but I did manage to end the month with 32,300 words. I think at this point in my life, I'm going to pass the torch on to the younger, less encumbered. 

Christmas is around the corner and I hope all who wished for a Kindle, gets one! I know Steve and I enjoy ours immensely. I've had mine for almost a year and can't believe how steady my TBR (to be read) stack has grown. And believe me, I read constantly. It's also been through the Kindle that I've come across some really wonderful authors that wouldn't have gotten the exposure they so richly deserve otherwise. 

The weather is finally cooling for Winter, here in the Houston area. Of course, nothing like up North, but for me, I love cold weather so our bundle-up 35 degree nights and 50 degrees days are what I've anxiously waited for and now I'M TICKLED PINK!  What do I want for Christmas? A warm flannel nightgown!!! 

Our little pecan tree dropped its leaves, and the pecans...and what didn't drop, the squirrels devoured. The wee orange tree is bursting with fruit this year. They should be ready for picking sometime in January. They are the sweetest oranges we've ever eaten! 

Hope your weekend is filled with pleasant surprises and enticing treats--

Happy Trails,