Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coming Up For Air

Writing can fill your every moment and then you stretch your arms above your head, look out the window, and go blind. Too bright. Searching for the calendar, your realize the entire month of June came and went. And what's this? We're in mid-July?

Ahhh, but the novel is finished...time to begin on the editing and submit.

I lost over an entire month of my life writing. But, I do have something to show for it! Title is "Tracking Thanatos," a murder mystery which led me to some characters that are as close to me as life-long friends. Friends, I'm certain will have more to say in future novels.

Also, on October 10th, our writing group, The Final Twist will launch our Anthology, A DEATH IN TEXAS, at Katy Budge Books in Katy, Texas. My story titled, Conner Creek Fog will be in this Anthology and I am so proud to be published alongside so many talented writers. More to come on this at a future date.

Tonight, I'll start the revisions necessary and will pop my head back up for air in about a week!

Till then, my friends--Happy Trails,