Thursday, July 29, 2010

High-Tech, I'm not!

The learning curve is quite away out in left field for me. Learning HTML, DTP, PDF, file conversions, and now I'm sinking in the RSS feed stuff. 

I know everyone loves new techology--shoot, I like it too. Especially as we watch blu-ray on high-def TV. Or with the click of the mouse--email all my friends. This is great. But at some point, I sometimes want to say, "this is getting too much, could somebody PLEASE accept my type-written manuscript from an old Selectric typewriter?" (now days, I can't even find ribbon cartidges for replacement) Sooo, I've accepted the computer, the upgrades for software (just as I finally figure out the old one, feeling snappy with it, out comes something 'new' and the old is obsolete), and all the hassles it entails. 

What I don't get, is all the constant "do it yourself" commands. Life at my age should be gentler, less complicated. *sigh* 

Tonight, on the agenda after supper, is to learn about RSS feeds, what they do, why, and how come I have to learn this too. **throwing my hands up in the air, with a smile**

Happy Trails,

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Writer's Validation

Had the opportunity to listen to three men on a blog-talk radio station yesterday. My jaw is still dropped. Now, for this post, I will not name any names, so don't ask. 

First of the men introduced was self-published and his sales went through the roof...NY picked him up with a nice tidy advance. 

Second man was NY published and has since self-pubbed. For various reasons, this happens to many NY mid-list authors.  

Third man is with NY and would never consider self-pubbing, except maybe for some of his old 'out of print' backlist. 

This was my take on the one hour show-- each man in turn toots NY publishing. And all three made it clear that in order to be considered a "GOOD" writer, you would have to (a) have a NY publishing contract; (b) have had a NY contract; or (c) only be a writer accepted by one of the big 6. 

My jaw is still dropped. 

What's interesting is the Second Man--he pushes ebooks, just like small/indie published writers, sales his ebooks just like small/indie published writers, but yet, he clearly stated that unless the writer had been with NY, their writing was CRAP. 

WHAT???? As many readers can verify, even some NY published writers, write CRAP! 

This program made me see RED, and I just had to blog about it. 

Once again, I'll repeat myself--it takes time and patience to write a well written book. It doesn't happen overnight. And anyone who has persued this career knows that learning never stops. 

So, what validates a writer? Not the publisher, not another writer, and certainly not family. 

The reader does. *grin*

Happy Trails,
The Scent of Money The Scent of Money

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coffee and Fries

Over coffee and fries tonight, D. Nathan Hilliard (Nate) and I resolved the publishing world's dilemma...for today. By the way the digital processes are rapidly changing and increasing our reading pleasure, so are the ways we are looking at how those wonderful books are going to land in the reader's hands. Most interesting. 

And now my attention should return to Impact For Murder. Round ONE of the edits have been completed. Now, onward and upward. I'm looking forward to Round TWO! 

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Surging On

After a full 8 hours sleep (most unusual for me), my characters are sharper, crisper, cleaner...they are defining themselves on deeper levels. I love when this happens. 

Stories come from the inner person. The part that connects the brain to the heart. It can't been seen. No MRI can diagnose it, no x-ray can light it up. But it's there. So as my novel unfolds, I bring to the reader a combination of my personal experiences as well as the ones I've made up. Our environment is a feast to a writer. At least I know it is for me. People watching is important--this is a treasure-trove of information. Also animals. I observe my dogs all the time and actually honor their sense of discipline, humor, and simple social networking. Smell--that's important to bridge the gap for emotional waves. Think about it...when you smell the hint of cinnamon in a fresh baked apple pie, what is "it" that makes it so appealing, so comforting, so welcoming? When you can put words to that question in the form of an answer, then you, too, will "see" what connects the brain to the heart! 

Here's striving for another creative day to heighten all our senses--

Happy Trails,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I found my thrill

It's 4:15am and I'm taking a quick break from my current work in progress (WIP). What a thrill it is for a writer to wake up in the middle in the night with words pushing out in abundance to get typed on screen or written on paper. 

This is what I live for. 

The characters in this story are unfolding before my very eyes, giving me insight into their lives that I certainly didn't predict them to go. This is what's called, "listening to the inner voices." And sometimes they can really surprise us. 

As in all my short stories and novels, this novel also has a German shepherd. She's smart, funny, and full of herself. She reminds me so much of our Brie! (but with a little more attitude-lol) 

Coffee's perked, the house is quiet, except for the people vying for attention in my head--so I must return to my writing. 

Happy Trails,


Friday, July 16, 2010

All is well--

My husband made it back home after two weeks in L.A. The fur-kids were excited to see their "Daddy" almost as I.  

The SECOND round of edits have arrived-{{Yippeeeee}} Tomorrow will begin swapping hats and putting back on "Impact For Murder." 

For today, time is being spent with Steve in the kitchen, running errands, and just sitting back and being grateful for each other.

Happy Trails,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sleeping in the wrong bed

Ever woke up wondering if you've slept in the wrong bed? That's how it was for me last night. Back aches and just couldn't get comfy throughout the night. My muse worked overtime tap dancing all night long. Finally got up and wrote for a couple of hours. Glad I did! 

That's how it works sometimes...just wished I didn't feel as if I've slept in the wrong bed today-LOL!

Happy Trails,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Finally straightened my head back on my shoulders and have quit jumping from project to project. To fix my dilema of writer's A.D.D., I spent the majority of last night plotting out a new series. I'm back on track and am NOT going to fall off the saddle again. 

This series will, of course, include Penny Nelson's wonderful German shepherd, Alibi. She's cute, fiesty, and full of spinach and vinegar. 

The first in this series will leave you gasping--as my protagonist is going to take some pretty bold chances in life. Just wait till you see what she does to the person who murdered her grandfather! 

Excited, happy, and writing on--

Happy Trails, 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Melancholy moments

I've struggled for a week whether to say it out loud or not...and there really isn't a soft way to tell the world what it's like to lose a parent. 

My father-in-law passed away one week ago. We had waited for the call and knew it would come, but when it did--well, what can I say? It hurts like hell.

When I first met my in-laws, it was Dad (Bill) who held his arms out to me and said, "come here, my girl, let's take a look at you." He hugged me like a father would and then mom did the same. Dad cared, loved, and made me laugh just like I was his own daughter from the get-go. I have been so very blessed to have had him (and my mom-in-law) in my life. 

He always sent me those silly jokes by the dozen every single day for the last several years--and as of last week, they quit coming. Then on Friday, July 2nd, Dad passed away gently in his sleep. We were with him.

There is so much more I can say, but I'm not ready to share the personal side --

I know he's doing great now! No more suffering! That one thought makes me smile. 

Love you Dad,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First round of edits--ARE DONE!

The entire novel for Impact For Murder edits are complete--for round ONE! (hope Cindy doesn't shoot me)

Round Two -- should begin soon. (hope Cindy doesn't shoot me) 

The giddiness is beginning to build with knowing another release is just on the horizon and I can't start to say how thrilled I am. 

This time, I'll really be pushing the ebook form on KindleI really love my Kindle and have even persuaded my hard-nosed, hard-covered-toting husband to get one too. He's now a believer and takes his with him everywhere. Avid readers like to keep something close in hand--voila, the Kindle! 

Books come in all prices, and if you're savvy, smart, and budget minded (like the rest of us), you'll find gems written by authors who are the best! 

Today, my head is glued to the screen and my butt to the chair--I'm working on the sequel to The Scent of Money

It's raining here in Houston, so it's a great day to enjoy the soft eerie darkness outside and conjure up a good murder----

Happy Trails,