Sunday, May 27, 2007

I didn't know I could feel this way!

"The End" are the two most beautiful words to me right now. I didn't know I could feel this way! My novel is completed, and at 1:35 on this great Sunday morning...I've experienced something I didn't know existed! Through months and months, and months of laughter, tears, sweat, arguments, and the never ending research, typing the words "The End" happened for me. My editor has been waiting forever and now she can sigh with relief.

Now what? Heck if I know, I've already danced out under the moonlight, skipped through my home waking my husband (who did not see the humor), and hugged all my dogs till they squealed!

LOL, I don't know what to do with myself...too hyped up to go to sleep!

For Pete's Sake, I can't stop saying the words---I'm a writer...I'm a writer...I'm a writer!!

Good feelings are being thrown out your way, whether I know you or not,

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lost In Thought

This morning I spent time reflecting on a childhood skipping in mix-matched outfits, running barefooted through the woods, playing hide-n-seek, Keepers, and getting into general trouble just for being kids. I am the baby in the family, we had nine kids in our house...three are direct siblings, and the older five were cousins who lived with us, due to the loss of their parents.

"Never a dull moment," left my Mother's lips more than once. I was a brat because I was taught to be one. However, when I raked the older kid's nerves to the point where they could kill me, they would carry me out and put me in a huge chinquapin tree, which has long thorns, and leave me there to get down on my own, then they'd disappear and poof! Long gone.

So, yesterday when my husband brought home a tree (yep, you guessed it-a chinquapin) to plant in our back yard, I had to grab hold of the side of the house to keep my knees from buckling underneath me. After pitching the greatest temper-tantrum I've pulled in years, that tree will not ever see a sunny patch in our yard, instead my husband gave it to our neighbors, who by the way, has nine kids!

Have a good Sunday and great memories,


Monday, May 14, 2007

Tick, Tick, Ticking Away--

Time is not on my side. I've gotten caught up in life's interferences and although not one particular incident is major, it is still an inconvenience.

We had a critter pass away in our attic a few days ago and didn't know it until yesterday morning when the odor ran us out of our home. Honey removed it and we've been airing the house out ever since, open windows and open doors with the air conditioner running non-stop. I've gotten zip writing done, but at least the critter is the ground, not the attic.

What reason the critter found to make its home in our attic? Well it involves my husband REMOVING the sky lights out of the game room because of an itty-bitty leak. And now a BIG blue tarp and some plywood covers the backside of our house.

One day last November, I pulled into our driveway to see my Honey on the roof holding a circular saw in one hand, waving to me with the other, and a chain saw sitting next to him. Goggles covered his sweet face, wearing a grin to die for. After the wave of panic passed, hoping he wouldn't fall off the roof, my senses snapped back into place and I realized the man was up on the roof with a CHAINSAW!! Yes, cutting holes in the roof, removing the sky lights. He had bought more tools, which is an on-going issue in our home. He's not a carpenter, but loves power tools, hand tools, tools in general. (And in his defense, I will say this: He is very good at repairs and can fix almost anything...the operative word here is "almost.") The itty-bitty leak is now Niagra Falls when it rains.

And over the past several months I've danced with mean thoughts about Honey falling off the roof, especially when it rains as I'm pulling out all the buckets, pots, and pans. Ma and Pa Kettle, here we are!

The critters had an open invitation to live in the attic--be it uninvited--and made themselves a nice nest up there. In the meantime, I've been slowly losing my mind over the critter situation. It ended yesterday, not by my choice for its demise, but I can't say I'm not glad.

Anyways, after yesterday's fiasco of carting out a dead, stinking, critter out of the 400 degree attic, Honey called a roofer yesterday evening and we got an estimate. I accepted the estimate not caring if they overcharged us or not, wanting, no make that NEEDING a new roof so badly, I could spit.

I told my niece about the new roof and she immediately reminded me about all the loose nails and to be careful. Actually, I'm embracing the loose nails and all. This roof will be the end of my six month headache.

Construction on the new roof begins in two weeks!! (by professional roofers, not my husband).

Speaking of my husband, let's just say he won't be doing any handy work on the roof least not for awhile!

I'm counting down the days--

Friday, May 4, 2007

Getting Personal

Spent some time setting up a myspace area on the web this week and got lost in the fun of connecting with others. (my url is There are so many people who are reaching out to others in the most unique ways. Impressed? You bet ya! It seems our lives have become somewhere between 'hectic and whoa! wait a minute,' and few have time for anyone anymore, simply because our schedules are so tight. So, this week, I slowed down a bit, perused people who live such interesting lives in some of the most positive manners one could imagine. In a world where day to day tragedies seem to hog the news, it is very refreshing to read about so many who are strong, giving of themselves, and living in the affirmative.

Okay, I've been asked to share some personal points about myself that really isn't known. Here goes: I was a Bluebird/Campfire Girl as a child.
My favorite food in all the world is a cheeseburger.
I still make wishes on stars on a clear night.
I'm still drawn to clover patches every Spring in search of four leaf clovers and have done so for many decades.
To my ears the most precious sound in the world is child's giggle.
I have never fallen asleep at night before saying my prayers.
And finally, I believe with all my heart that Good overcomes Evil, every single time!

Well, there you have a small idea of what makes me tick. I'm a simple person who loves life.

Keep your head held high...even if your keister is dragging the sand,
Cherri (original post 4/28/07

Procrastinating Writing

Writing can be a lonely path to navigate and so to entertain my muse, I have developed patterns of involuntary habits. For instance, this morning I went straight to computer, remembered the load of laundry sitting in the washer from the night before. Took care of it. Back to the keyboard, thought how nice my desk would look with scented candles. After searching two hours for the candles, took care of it. Comfortable once again in front of the screen, heard the garbage truck beeping up the street and dashed out with the garbage bags, running in my jammies. Took care of that little problem. Flexing my fingers in front of me, once again sitting at the computer, my tummy grumbled for lunch. Ignored it because I hadn't written anything and it was already past noon, but did manage to find a couple of Ritz crackers behind my desk calendar. Took care of that. Back again with hands poised over the keyboard, the phone rings and it's my husband wanting me to look up an article he had stashed in his office. An hour later, paper found and took care of it. Slouching in my chair, my mind crammed with ideas to put down on paper, fingers burning to let fly, when I smell eau-du-poop. Our puppy, who has re-written all the doggie rules, has done the good deed behind my chair. She looks for praise when she does her business and doesn't care whether it's done inside or out, just knows it's a good thing to long as she gets praised. Cleaned it up, set the fan on hi, went and watched a movie on TV while my office aired out. Yep, took care of that.

Back in my office with a renewed sense of writing, finally hoping for that thread in my brain to wind into a spool, not wanting to back down, the hubby came home early from work and asked me if I accomplished what I set out to do for the day and would I mind frying him some chicken tonight. Since we haven't eaten FRIED chicken in, oh say a decade, I let my eyes wander over to the little baggie of poop and thought, "Not a problem, I can take care of it."

In the back room of our house, sits my office, where I have glued my fingertips to the keyboard and have written for two straight hours,uninterrupted. Of course, this is after serving my husband a gourmet meal delighting his taste buds with tuna fish sandwiches and milk.

So for now, I must say goodnight. You see, I have plans to rise early so I can get into the writing mode right away... after folding those clothes in the morning that have been sitting in the dryer all day...I can take care of that!
On a wing and a prayer-
Cherri (originally written 4/3/07

Building a Website

I've got to tell y'all, I don't profess to being an expert at the computer. Yes, I can manage to look up nearly anything on the web I desire, and in some cases more than I wanted to see. But for those who design web pages, my hat is off to you!!

Friends and family coaxed me into getting my own web site. I did. What they didn't tell me about has stressed me out to the point where I'm beginning to ask if there is one. I enjoy looking at all the interesting sites and blogs of other writers. Mine is pretty "naked" compared to theirs, so let's don', that is.

One day I hope to look back at this block and think maybe I've progressed just a tiny bit. But in the meantime, the nice folks at the Tech Center are there. Matter of fact, yesterday, on the young men called me by my first name, before I gave him my identification. He said he recognized my sweet southern voice. I'm going bold and saying that was a compliment, because God knows there will be many more calls to be made before I'm comfortable with dallying up, "previewing," and "publishing," sending my nakedness out there for all the world to see without a hitch!

For now, I'm returning to my writing about the body in the wood chipper--WAIT till you read my book!

Happy Trails to All-
Cherri (originally posted 3/4/07.)