Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anthology Excitement

Every once in a while, something comes along causing flutters in the belly. I'm there! The Final Twist, writing group's Anthology, "A Death In Texas" has arrived.

We have 15 murders and 16 authors filling page after page of delectable killings!

My story, "Conner Creek Fog" will show you what fun I can have using Tasha, a brilliant German shepherd along with my other shepherd, Norggin's long deceased spirit, to see how a killer meets his well deserved fate. This story won't let you down!

If you are in the Katy area on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10TH, 2008, all sixteen authors will be at KATY BUDGET BOOKS, 2450 Fry Rd., Katy, Texas, 77084 from 5pm-8pm.

Come see how a room full of murdering minds have the best time ever...only on the page, mind you.

Happy Trails to all-

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coming Up For Air

Writing can fill your every moment and then you stretch your arms above your head, look out the window, and go blind. Too bright. Searching for the calendar, your realize the entire month of June came and went. And what's this? We're in mid-July?

Ahhh, but the novel is finished...time to begin on the editing and submit.

I lost over an entire month of my life writing. But, I do have something to show for it! Title is "Tracking Thanatos," a murder mystery which led me to some characters that are as close to me as life-long friends. Friends, I'm certain will have more to say in future novels.

Also, on October 10th, our writing group, The Final Twist will launch our Anthology, A DEATH IN TEXAS, at Katy Budge Books in Katy, Texas. My story titled, Conner Creek Fog will be in this Anthology and I am so proud to be published alongside so many talented writers. More to come on this at a future date.

Tonight, I'll start the revisions necessary and will pop my head back up for air in about a week!

Till then, my friends--Happy Trails,


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things Are A Changin'

Somewhere between sunrise and sunset, the publishing world changed directions. Totally.

I'd like to say these changes are for the good, and in some perspectives, they are. BUT, for many others, no. As a new author in this field of cat and mouse play, like a sponge I'm soaking in the information being thrown at me from every direction.

To say I'm quiet, reserved, dedicated, and well, shy...is an understatement. All my life all I wanted to do is write. And now, I'm watching the writing world spinning in circles around me as I try every day to do the one thing I love doing. Seems big promotions, gathering blurbs, and running all over the planet is expected now of writers. The constant promoting is what boils my blood, the rest of it I can take it or leave it.

Promoting requires one to get their face out there. I hear it time and time again, how only the "pretty people" get noticed. Not true. Promoting requires one to get noticed...period. And for someone like me who likes sitting on the back row, rarely raising her hand, promoting myself probably won't happen very often. Being upfront-on-stage is NOT in my DNA. It's like this, I'll never audition for a part in a play.

So why am I talking about promoting and the publishing world? Limitations. Whether you are an up-front-in-your-face type gal/guy, or not -- bookstores, access to books, and now avenues to getting in libraries are now LIMITED. Your average writer is not published out of New York, we are published in what the writing world terms, small press. And doors for the small press are being slammed shut every day lately. Yes, my publishers have won some worthy battles, but why should they have to struggle so hard to stay afloat?

Folks who love to read are only getting to know a tiny portion of authors through large promotional pockets and the stigma coming out of certain publishing houses out of NY. Yes, they are good writers, but what would the average reader think if they knew they could have access to millions of books in any genre they enjoy reading by well written authors they've never heard about? If I were still a kid, I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven. Literally!

I wish I could direct them to the local library, but unfortunately they seem to have changed their policies also. For me, this is a sad day in America. Times are a changin'.

Get on the internet, Google "small press/and or/ publishers" and gander through all the many wonderful authors out there writing stories to fill every soul. You'll be amazed!

Now, it's time for me to climb down from the podium before I faint,


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Writing For Life

Whenever I think I'm not quite good enough to be a writer, I remember something "snippety" another writer said to me several years ago. Her lack of encouragement and uppity attitude changed a few things in the way I thought about becoming a published writer. And I held back when I should have moved forward.

But everything happens for a reason at the right time, being in the right place. As I look forward to having my SECOND novel published later this year, I walk without fear, without that dreaded trepidation in the pit of my stomach. The momentum is in full swing, and I am moving forward.

For anyone out there who wants to write that novel, but can't find the time, let me tell you, that's all right. Just keep trying to get a few words down every day. (that really is the key to finishing a novel.) I know from experience that life can certainly get in the way of your goals. When the time is right, you'll know and the curtains will part, giving you center stage to complete all those wonderful words you just have to get out. As time keeps interrupting your writing goals, lending you one tragedy after the other, keep in mind that the word "goals" simply means something is unobtainable at the moment, but not lost forever.

If for some reason you encounter a writer with attitude and he/she tells you, "if you ever find the time to write and you do get a contract, call me," walk away and smile knowing your ship is about to sail home. No one has the right to discourage another writer from doing what they love passionately.

Keep on writing,

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Making A Pot Of Coffee

Discombobulated--describes my thought patterns to a tee! (thank you Susan, I love that word!)

Went to the kitchen yesterday morning to make a pot of coffee. But first I had to throw out the old grounds in the trash can. The trash can was full and I decided to go ahead and empty the trash and put it in the big can out in the garage.

Out in the garage, carrying the bag of trash I noticed the dryer door ajar and sat the bag of trash next to the washing machine. In the dryer was a load of clean towels which I put in the basket and carried to the living room. Just as I sat down on the sofa to fold the towels, the phone rang. My husband calling to remind me to please wash him a load of jeans and that he'd be working late and that he'd bring home some bar-b-que for supper. No problem. I headed to the bedroom where we keep the clothes hamper and sorted out the jeans on the bed. I needed the clothes basket to put them in but the basket sat in the living room filled with towels to be folded.

Sitting down on the sofa again to fold towels so I could put them away so I could use the basket, my eyes kept darting down to the carpet noticing all the dog hair that seemed to have accumulated over the last two days. (we have four large forever-shedding dogs)

I couldn't stand it a minute longer and went to the closet, pulled out the vacuum cleaner and plugged it in only to discover the bag was packed full and had to be changed. In search of another vacuum cleaner bag, I glanced at the clock in the kitchen...and gasped at the time. I had a hair appointment and would be late if I didn't leave right then.

Throwing on clothes (because I still had on my jammies), I drove like a crackhead on speed, making it to the salon without a minute to spare. Loving my "new do," I chatted with my hair dresser, getting caught up on all the latest gossip.

Afterwards, on the way home, I stopped by the drug store to pick up some mascara. An hour later and four plastic sacks filled full of "stuff" plus the mascara, I left for the grocery store to buy milk and eggs. And felt rather pleased with myself for only getting those two items.

Back at the house, putting the milk and eggs in the fridge, the door bell rang. My mail lady had a package for me. A friend who lives out of town had sent me the cutest long sleeve shirt. Well, I had to try it on right then and ran to the bedroom.

Admiring myself in the mirror with a "new do" and a new shirt, the phone rang. My neighbor wanted me to come over to help her hang a new painting on their wall. I hopped over to her house across the street. We hung the picture, which is gorgeous, she liked my new hair style and shirt and we talked up a storm about girl stuff. Eventually, I noticed through her living room window the light outside seemed to be fading.

Every evening, a friend of mine and I walk the race track over at the nearby middle school. Hurrying home to change into my walking clothes, I called Lisa to let her know I was running late and would be there shortly. At the track we both got tickled with each other because she too, had been to her hair dresser and had gotten a new cut and style. Which looks adorable on her. We lost track of time, talking and laughing and walked for an hour and a half.

Back at the house again, I stripped my clothes off on the way to the bathroom to bathe. In the shower with the hot water cascading over my neck and shoulders, exhaustion settled in my old bones. I couldn't beleive how tired I felt as one yawn came after the other. It dawned on me in the shower that being the caffeine addict I am, I hadn't had any all day.

Too pooped to care, I dried off and put my jammies back on. The dogs went nuts running to the garage door, which meant my husband had made it home with our supper. It was 9:00pm. I slipped on my house shoes and shuffled my way to greet him in the garage.

On the way, I looked at the jeans piled high on the bed, still unwashed. The pantry door stood open in the kitchen with the trash container jutting out waiting for a fresh plastic bag. On the counter top lay four bags stuffed with goodies from the drug store. In the living room, in the middle of the floor like a soldier standing sentry, stood the vacuum cleaner with a packed bag sticking out its side. The laundry basket sat on the coffee table piled high with unfolded towels.

Out in the garage the large trash bag sat next to the washing machine.

My husband's eyes scanned my body, clad in jammies and said laughing, "Hi Honey. I see you're still in your pajamas. What did you do today?"

Smiling sweetly, I kissed him hello and replied, "Tried to make a pot of coffee."

Signing off and Happy Trails to all--


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Making Headway

I admit I've been slow to post on my blog...but really, I've been busy. And that's pretty much a pet peeve with me when people tell me how busy they've been. Life's short, slow down a bit. The earth won't turn any faster trying to keep up, so why is everyone trying to outrun it?

Well, I blinked and POOF! time got ahead of me. During the Christmas Holidays, my husband and I took an incredible road trip driving from Houston, where we live, to New Mexico, Arizona, California, and over to Nevada. Then reversed it all and drove back home. IN SIX DAYS!!! Just driving through Texas ate up twelve of our precious hours on the road.

Then we returned on the day before I was scheduled for back surgery. Which I might add has been successful and that's another reason for not posting. So, my excuses are legit, as I've been out of town, on the road, and surgery- recuperating.

Getting back into writing mode full-throttle, rockets blaring makes me VERY happy--

So, I'm returning at a snail's pace once again and here's wishing everyone a prosperous and joyous NEW YEAR ahead,