Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nature's Super-Models

As summer has progressed, so has my 100 titles reading pile. I'll post the titles over on Goodreads in the next couple of weeks as I finish. Hopefully by September 21st, the 100 title read fest will be complete. 

For the last 3 years, I've followed the Caylee Anthony case closely. It breaks my heart in a way that touched me deeply. Yes, I agree with our American judicial system, but I do not agree with the verdict. So very sad. Nuff said. 

NOW, let me entertain you with some of the delights that live in and around my back yard. Let the runway commence:
 This little beauty is a blue-tail lizard. Isn't he gorgeous?

This is Meeeeeee! (Bluejay) He loves the camera and insisted on being 2nd on the runway. His wish was granted. 

The Cardinal and the Woodpecker -- oooh and aaaah. Mr. Cardinal and Mr. Red Head Woodpecker both wanted to show off their brilliant red heads while posing for a quick snap. 

Now what would complete a Nature's Supermodel's runway? Why a bit of "frolocking" and misbehaving! Yes, our Cheyenne completes the show with her own unique talent. Making us laugh! 

Hope you enjoyed the show. Have a wonderful weekend and a safe week ahead. 

Keep whistling and skipping,