Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thin Blood by Vicki Tyley in Audio

Vicki Tyley's Thin Blood is now on Audio! This is exciting!!!

I’m delighted to announce that Thin Blood has just been released in audio.

Narrated by Basil Sands

Running time: 7 hours, 38 minutes | Unabridged

Produced by Perfect Voices

$34.95 $12.99 (save 63%)

Listen to SAMPLE/purchase at

Craig Edmonds, a successful stockbroker, reports the disappearance of his wife, Kirsty. What starts as a typical missing person’s case soon evolves into a full-blown homicide investigation when forensics uncover blood traces and dark-blonde hairs in the boot of the missing woman’s car. Added to this, is Craig’s adulterous affair with the victim’s younger sister, Narelle Croswell, compounded further by a recently acquired $1,000,000 insurance policy on his wife’s life. He is charged with murder but, with no body and only circumstantial evidence, he walks free when two trials resulting in hung juries fail to convict him.

Ten years later, Jacinta Deller, a newspaper journalist is retrenched. Working on a freelance story about missing persons, she comes across the all but forgotten Edmonds case. When she discovers her boyfriend, Brett Rhodes, works with Narelle Croswell, who is not only the victim’s sister but is now married to the prime suspect, her sister’s husband, she thinks she has found the perfect angle for her article. Instead, her life is turned upside down, as befriending the woman, she becomes embroiled in a warped game of delusion and murder.

Don't miss out on this opportunity--just $12.99 for a limited time. 

Congratulations, Vicki--


Friday, April 22, 2011

Writer Labeling

There can be more information gained on the internet than one person is able to perceive. For a writer, the tools are invaluable. 

Lately, the talk is all about classifying writers. 

I am an Indie! I control my words, my covers, my publishing dates, my promotion techniques... In other words, I do it all myself. I no longer answer to anyone but myself. This is freedom, folks. 

Whether you are self-published through a company who you end up paying out the wazoo to get a book published (which isn't much different than being with a small press and their model agency), or through a small press, or legacy published, you will have to answer to someone else. That's the facts. When that publisher--small press or legacy-- as a publishing house, doesn't stand behind their authors in marketing all their authors in every aspect to bring to the reader what is available from its house, then it is an EPIC FAILURE. Especially for the author, upon who the house will blame for poor sales. Go figure that one out!! 

So, here's a quick rundown of the new definitions in the publishing world:
Indie-(me!) Writer who does all the publishing steps themselves. 
Self-published- Going through a Vanity press.
Traditional published-Published with a small press, NOT NewYork. 
Legacy published- NY or Big 6 pub'd. 

For anyone who wishes to call me one of the above, I am an Indie, no longer bound by the gatekeepers, the guards, or the bullies at the door. And wanna know what makes me laugh about all this? No longer am I dependent on waiting every six months to see how my sales are doing (which shattered the inner child in me), through a small press, I get up to the minute sales reports now and I get paid every month from Amazon. How cool is that? 

That's right...I'm now going to the bank, wearing a grin all the way!

Keep writing,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Featured at Vicki Tyley's Blog

This weekend I'm being featured on Vicki Tyley's Blog.

What a neat surprise! TRACKING PERCEPTION, available on Kindle. :>)

Go by Vicki's place and tell her hello! 

Happy days ahead,


Gotta love Maxine!

Let's face it

After Monday and Tuesday...

even the calendar says
-  W T F

Have a great weekend.
Happy Trails,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

J.M. Cornwell's Blog--More Bread and Circuses

J.M. Cornwell's post on her blog today is dead-on! More bread and circuses. I can't find one word I disagree with. Well said, Jackie.

I read a ton of blogs keeping up with the writing industry, their opinions, their views, creative differences, and laughs. Ms. Cornwell's blog today is what I'd call, "opening the doors wide." 

Check her out, HERE.

Happy Writing,

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catching up on my TBR stack

This is the latest read I'm enjoying. BICYLCE SHOP MURDER, by Robert Burton Robinson. 

It felt exciting to read about the Kilgore/Longview area in Texas. As a Texas gal, this book really took my interest. 

So far, from the very first paragraph onward, I've been captivated. Now, I can't wait for the ending...

Today, I'm committed to finish BICYCLE SHOP MURDER

Iced tea and an afghan, I'm headed to the sofa to curl up. *grin grin*