Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Burning up the keyboard

As NaNoWriMo hit on November 1st, my fingers itched to scratch out the words of a new novel. I love writing and some days it's like having something nag at me until I can get the words out of my head. I have to write every day or I get grumpy. Simply put! 

My family and friends are sure I've left the country, not hearing from me for quite some time. And if any of you are reading this (my husband), please understand that writing novels is like a full time job, except with loads of overtime thrown in. LOADS of overtime! I promise to surface on Thanksgiving where we can gossip, laugh, giggle, and you all can catch me up on the excitement flying around your lives. 

I'm missing you, too. 

Happy thoughts and trails,


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doing the NaNoWriMo

Again, this year I'll participate in the NaNoWriMo event this November. I'm getting geared up and have a couple writing buddies to pump me through. lol. If you get a chance, my writing buddy and critique bud, D. Nathan Hilliard has the most wonderful blog. ADarkAndStormyBlog. Check it out. Most creative he is!

The contract is signed for my latest novel, "Impact For Murder." Can't wait to show it to the world--I literally fell in love with these characters and had the best time of my life writing this novel. (And yes, I did "THE END" dance naked under the moon in the backyard when I typed those wonderful final words.) :)

Life is good, busy, and keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Every writer knows the FUN in book signings, and this past weekend brought me to my laughter at the Texas Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring, Texas.

More tales for wool-gathering at family and friend gatherings. My VET, Karla Hilliard, and her husband, Nate (who is also a fellow writer), and their two adorable children came out to visit me. Both little ones played and ate and ran till they were plum tired. Because I write murder mysteries using DOGS to drive my plots, it tickles me to no end to look up at a signing and see MY fur-kids' VET standing before me.

Also, a wonderful friend I've known, well, almost all my life stopped by to buy a book. Lessie was astonished to see how many people made it to such a small town in Texas. Yes, Lessie, it's a doozie!

For all the other folks I met that day, thank you for coming by and visiting, buying books, and lending me a story or two to hold dear to my heart. This crowd is the best!

Lisa Smith, author of some very "steamy" vampire books gave "BITES" to everyone who walked by, adding loads of fun to our table.

Whether you enjoy reading MYSTERIES or Vampires, Lisa and I will be out there this coming Sat, 4/25 & Sun, 4/26. We loved it so much, we're gonna do it again!

Happy Trails & Tails,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yes, I know...

Blogging is something at the bottom of my list. Sorry, it's been too long.

Some folks feel blogging is the way to go. I spend tons of time with family, friends, and readers, so by way of posting once in a while, will be the way I go.

Experience has taught me that time well spent keeps me out of trouble and in touch with my writing. Soooo, for the good news, I am writing. I am working on a goal of getting two novels finished this year and submitted. The first one, "Tracking On Borrowed Time" is half way finished. The second one, "The Scent of Silence" is two-thirds of the way completed. "The Scent of Silence" will be the second novel in the American Service Searchers series, starring, Tasha. (believe me, I thought that novel was ready to roll this past year, and no, it wasn't. It needed re-writing desperately and I'm thrilled to have taken some good advice.

Character strength gives depth to my novels, something in the beginning I struggled with until, like a bulb flash, the characters began 'talking' to me. They let me listen in on their conversations, giving their point of view and perspectives. I love the people and the animals in my novels and hope you will come to know them as I have...with a full sense of humor.

Happy Trails and Tails,