Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Decisions, decisions

All writers go through the decision process to the point where we want to scream. Okay, speaking for myself, I'm at the point where frustration is becoming the norm. The decision I'm speaking of? Promoting vs. writing. 

One day I'm all geared up to go hung-ho out the door and promote to sell like crazy and the next, I'm edgy over why I no longer have time to write. Then there's the "not knowing" when exactly the book will be released, so no preparations have been done to get in any early promotion for the said book. Once the book is out, I feel I should drop everything I'm doing and promote the heck out of it. Only to find several months later that my writing and work in progress has suffered...severely. 

These days I feel like I've been thrown in a centrifuge, spinning out of control. This isn't good for my psyche. Can a writer write, and promote? Well obviously quite a few of them are. Good for them. I'm not everybody and I function on an entirely different level. Nor am I a salesperson. 

However, laughter comes easy for me, time rushes by, winter's on its way, and I'm sure I'll work this dilemma out. And I'm also pretty dang sure that I'll put writing up there at the top of my prioritized list! 

Wished there were a simpler routine for the struggling writer trying to make herself a name in an ocean of other writers. And the truth be told? There isn't one. 

However, the link to Amazon has finally come LIVE--so here it is for IMPACT FOR MURDER

May we ALL come out winners,


  1. First of all, congratulations on your newest release!!!!

    Secondly, I think of marketing and promotion as two different beasties. As a writer, I can do promotion by being visible on social sites and different loops as well as having a website and blogging.

    But, you know this.

    While marketing is something that requires indepth knowledge of advertising campaigns and strategies. People go to school to learn marketing - hence the big bucks that ad agencies charge.

    So, in conclusion, just do what you can do and enjoy what you're doing!

  2. Diana,
    That's good advice--"enjoy what you're doing." There's this gentleman writer, who's a bit older than us and I love his attitude. Write the book, enjoy writing the book, get it published, and then kick back. Move on to the next project. If it sales, good--if it doesn't...don't worry, be happy! (I love that guy!) And you know what? I bet he lives to be a hundred!!!