Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shades: A Memory of Me

D. Nathan Hilliard has just released another novelette titled, Shades: A Memory of Me. 

This too, is a winner. One more of his ghostly stories that'll scare the pants off of you! 

Be sure to have the lights on and make darn sure that the doors are locked. (yeah, it really is that scary!) 

And we shared another great writers' night out at Denny's. Met an interesting young man tonight who has one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen. Hi Matt. And for our pleasure this evening, our waitress, Lauren, kept us adequately filled with our liquids of choice. Thank you, little lady! 

I had way too much sugar and became more silly by the minute. For a diabetic, I try to do all the right things, but sometimes you just have to cave a little and splurge. (the 'hot shot' didn't kick in soon enough! haha)  Besides, Nate and I were celebrating both our releases coming out in the same week! It was worth it! (and now everybody at Denny's knows what I'm like drunk on sugar--at least I had a good time! lol) 

Otherwise, all is good. Tomorrow, it's back to work! 

Keeping my fingers crossed for rain this weekend--


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