Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yak, yak, yak

Yep, that's me. Yakking away my days on the phone. 

When MySpace first started and everyone jumped on--so did I. Then everyone jumped over to Facebook. (which I'll add I detest because I got hacked! I deleted my account) Anyways, so much time has been spent emailing, or facebooking, or myspacing, that the art of hearing a voice, the intonations, the soft sigh is being overlooked. I stopped getting on the social sites and went back to good ol' fashioned telephone calling. I'm glad I did. I love hearing speech (not just the ones in my head). I love hearing the softness, the sincerity in my family and friends' inflections. Lots can be "read" in listening to another person. And sometimes, it needs to be either done on a phone or in person. 

What I'm saying here is--after awhile, I started to feel the same bland coldness on the social networks that they display. Most everyone is only guessing as to what their friends are really feeling. I needed to go back and find that closeness with human touch. Not just from a keyboard. 

Recently, I uploaded a little Christmas short story, "Halo and Holly" about Great Pyrenees dogs. In the story, pies are baked and the scent of those Christmas goodies fill the protagonist's kitchen. 

I have a friend I've know since I was 19. She can bake anything and loves doing it. Just before the Christmas Holidays we used to get together and spend a day in her kitchen. I usually cut cherries, pecans, and helped stir in ingrediants, because me in the kitchen -- we'll we're not a good combination. I don't cook, bake, fry, or whatever else people do in them. Except heat food in the microwave. My husband is the main chef in our home. (And I'm grateful and spoiled) I'm missing my friend terribly. We've grown somewhat apart and I need to do something to rectify it. 

I'll be out of the cyber-loop for a couple of days and will re-surface back on the flat-tone of the keys, once I've heard all the giggles, laughter, and tears...either on the phone or in person. 

As I grow older, the importance of those dear to me...I want to keep that way.

Happy Trails,

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