Friday, October 1, 2010

Two-week writing treat

Actually, my husband's in L.A. for two weeks, which will allow me to buckle down without too many interruptions to do nothing but write. (except for the fur-kids, but they're angels. lol) 

To kick-off this fortnight, I've ground 3lbs of Houstonian Blend coffee beans, pulled out my favorite CD's, picked up a case of printer paper, and have dipped my muse's wings in creative juice. Now, we'll just have to wait and see where these characters take me. They have been evolving in my head (or more like screaming) for about a month--it's time to let them loose! 

I think most of my readers are going to fall in love with Penny. She walks through this life with a definite style all her own. And wait till you meet her German shepherd. This gorgeous GSD is gonna steal your heart (and the murderer's also). 

Recently, an acquaintance approached me with some questions. Here's the answers: 
1) Have you always wanted to be a writer.
     Ans: No, and yes. Obstacles kept throwing themselves in front of my life, detouring my goals--until I reached forty. Then I didn't give a rat's right ear and decided it was time to fulfill the void my heart ached for. I now have. :) 

2) Do you write anything other than mysteries? 
     Ans: No,...and yes. Recently I wrote the sweetest short story I've ever written, Halo and Holly. It isn't a mystery. It's a sweet canine Christmas short story about two Great Pyrenees. Also, I have a different kind of romance short story I'll be publishing on Kindle soon. But other than those two, all the rest of my novels and short works are mysteries. The Scent of Money, and Impact For Murder--both are novels and are on Kindle. 

3)Do you always write with dogs in your stories. 
     Ans: Yes. Always.

Thank you Shawna for your questions! 

With a huge mug of hot coffee and my writing partners curled up near my feet, it's time for me to two-week writing treat!



  1. I'm officially jealous.

    I wonder how I can connive to send the wife and kids to California for two weeks. Maybe I could get some writing done too :P

  2. They'd love it! And I know my mom-in-law loves kids, so the more the better-LOL. (really, she does!) They could go surfing, check out Hollywood, drive PCH, zing through the canyons, and sight-see till their heart's content.
    I'm beginning to miss Steve, though. :( And you know what? You'd go nuts after 3 days of total quiet--cause your household is anything but! LOL LOL! Your home is filled with LIFE. So is mine, but on a different scale...doggie barks and howls.
    The flip side to all this is that I'm getting some crazy, much needed writing done!!!!! (just to rub your nose in it just a wee bit. haha)