Monday, September 27, 2010

Star Gazing

Tonight at Denny's, Nate (D. Nathan Hilliard) and I explored the writing world for all we had. From word count to blurbs, to setting and plot, we shared, debated, and laughed our way through another cool writers' night out! 

For the first time, I experienced a new "high" today. My little short story, HALO AND HOLLY made it in the top 100 sold on Amazon! The ranking numbers started climbing immediately, but for that one hour today, I hit #65 in the top Kindle books sold--what a feeling!!!! 

I've noticed a tiny influx of my other titles as well; nothing compared to HALO AND HOLLY, but it's a start. Small things tickle me to pieces, so this was a biggie for me. 

A close friend of mind, Debi Terral is having her birthday today--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEB! And this Thursday is my brother's birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROTHER! Boy, time surely is flying by. Wished I could grab some of it and seal it in a container for later in my life. 

My eyes are getting heavy which means my brain is about to shut down. So I bid y'all a good night. 

Cooler air has hit Houston and it feels incredible outside right now!!! Bring on Winter,

Friday, September 24, 2010

New horizons

It looks like IMPACT FOR MURDER is now available also in print on Amazon! I'm really excited about this. Having the book in both epub and printpub is a good thing! (although the cover image isn't available just yet in print, but will be soon, and if you want to see what it looks like, look at under Kindle Books!!) That handsome doggie on the front is my own Yadar!!!! He's so handsome, I want to kiss his fuzzy lips :)

For anyone who is itching to read something "Christmas," may I suggest the sweetest story I've ever written, HALO AND HOLLY. It's a sweet canine (Great Pyrenees) Christmas short story and sells for only .99 on Kindle. 

With my priorities straightened out, my writing is flowing much smoother. And yes, it has been a long time since THE SCENT OF MONEY was released--and that's what I'm working on right now...the next installment into the American Searcher Service series. (nameless title, but won't be for long) 

It feels good to be back in the saddle, on top of the hill, light switch turned on, and all those other goofy cliches--I'm just tickled to be back in full writing mode again! 

Embrace your ereader, buy my books, and curl up for a dang good read! 

Go green,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Decisions, decisions

All writers go through the decision process to the point where we want to scream. Okay, speaking for myself, I'm at the point where frustration is becoming the norm. The decision I'm speaking of? Promoting vs. writing. 

One day I'm all geared up to go hung-ho out the door and promote to sell like crazy and the next, I'm edgy over why I no longer have time to write. Then there's the "not knowing" when exactly the book will be released, so no preparations have been done to get in any early promotion for the said book. Once the book is out, I feel I should drop everything I'm doing and promote the heck out of it. Only to find several months later that my writing and work in progress has suffered...severely. 

These days I feel like I've been thrown in a centrifuge, spinning out of control. This isn't good for my psyche. Can a writer write, and promote? Well obviously quite a few of them are. Good for them. I'm not everybody and I function on an entirely different level. Nor am I a salesperson. 

However, laughter comes easy for me, time rushes by, winter's on its way, and I'm sure I'll work this dilemma out. And I'm also pretty dang sure that I'll put writing up there at the top of my prioritized list! 

Wished there were a simpler routine for the struggling writer trying to make herself a name in an ocean of other writers. And the truth be told? There isn't one. 

However, the link to Amazon has finally come LIVE--so here it is for IMPACT FOR MURDER

May we ALL come out winners,

Monday, September 20, 2010


Impact For Murder is HERE on Kindle!!!!! The direct link isn't working on my blog yet, but you can certainly buy it on the Kindle from Amazon! 

This is one of the books that made me giggle till I almost peed my pants writing it. 

I want you to experience the same thing!!!! (reading it, that is!)


A Cool Writers' Night Out

Shared this evening at Denny's with Lauren and Matt at our table and we laughed till 2am. D. Nathan Hilliard (Nate) and I held an off-writing night as we explored the world of gamers, makers, movers, and shakers in all arenas. 

It felt rejuvenating to spread our wings and listen to two young folks speak intelligently on every subject under the sun. Lauren and Matt are good kids (although they're in their early 20's!). Also, good to see Sarah and Lois and the rest of the gang at Denny's. 

Can't tell everyone how much I'm wishing for SNOW this Winter--as I'm pretty tired of the hot, humid weather. But, they are forecasting a mild cold front our way in about two weeks. I'm getting pretty worked up about it, too! (folks, I love cold weather!) 

Think snow,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friendship, Food, and Fantasy

Last night, Nate (D. Nathan Hilliard) and I spent a Saturday's night at Denny's. I celebrated my new cover release for Impact For Murder, and kept within the sugar boundaries of my diet. (as in-No Sugar! Low carbs) 

We had a blast, but poor Nate's laptop is ill and he didn't have it with him. Gotta tell you, he looked pretty forlorn without his "Preciousssss." I brought mine and we perused the web, drank plenty caffeine, and discussed our future writing plots. 

Had a pleasant surprise while at the restaurant--ran into two old friends, Mark Hardy and Mark Terry. They own Woof Pet Bakery. It was so good to see them again. They have the best dog treats in the world. (To self--must run by and get some peanut butter cookies for the fur-kids) 

On a different note, our little pecan tree in the backyard has several pecans this year. First year to bear fruit. Steve and I are excited. The orange tree is weighted down with big beautiful oranges and I can't wait till they ripen. It sure takes a long time for those rascals to turn orange, though. 

My brain is filled with images of scenes for the novel I'm working on, and it's the most amazing feeling for my fingers to try and keep up. I love that. 

Short and sweet for today, but have to get back to writing.

Happy Trails,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Impact For Murder--is almost here!

Impact For Murder is almost here! 
Here's a quick peek at the cover. This is what it's about!

A debt called in, gave a murderer an opportune time to commit his deed under the cloak of deafening winds as Hurricane Matilda passed over Hollow, Texas. No one would hear a thing. Or so the killer thought.
Callie and her husband, Chief Daniel Murphy, unsuspectingly have their home turned into Shelter Central to quite a menagerie of characters before, during, and after the storm. While the hurricane passes through, Callie’s guests believe a heinous murder has taken place in the Bentley’s home, who are her backyard neighbors.
Mrs. Bentley disappears, and when a woman’s body turns up—not that of Tilley Bentley, heads spin. Callie sets out, along with her houseguests, to prove Clive Bentley did indeed kill his wife. But without a body, it’s hard to prove.
As Callie pushes herself into the investigation, with the help of her Cadaver Dog, Yadar, she walks straight into the path of a killer’s warped mind.  

As soon as it comes LIVE on Amazon, Kindle, and Fictionwise, I'll post the links. 

Life is good!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yak, yak, yak

Yep, that's me. Yakking away my days on the phone. 

When MySpace first started and everyone jumped on--so did I. Then everyone jumped over to Facebook. (which I'll add I detest because I got hacked! I deleted my account) Anyways, so much time has been spent emailing, or facebooking, or myspacing, that the art of hearing a voice, the intonations, the soft sigh is being overlooked. I stopped getting on the social sites and went back to good ol' fashioned telephone calling. I'm glad I did. I love hearing speech (not just the ones in my head). I love hearing the softness, the sincerity in my family and friends' inflections. Lots can be "read" in listening to another person. And sometimes, it needs to be either done on a phone or in person. 

What I'm saying here is--after awhile, I started to feel the same bland coldness on the social networks that they display. Most everyone is only guessing as to what their friends are really feeling. I needed to go back and find that closeness with human touch. Not just from a keyboard. 

Recently, I uploaded a little Christmas short story, "Halo and Holly" about Great Pyrenees dogs. In the story, pies are baked and the scent of those Christmas goodies fill the protagonist's kitchen. 

I have a friend I've know since I was 19. She can bake anything and loves doing it. Just before the Christmas Holidays we used to get together and spend a day in her kitchen. I usually cut cherries, pecans, and helped stir in ingrediants, because me in the kitchen -- we'll we're not a good combination. I don't cook, bake, fry, or whatever else people do in them. Except heat food in the microwave. My husband is the main chef in our home. (And I'm grateful and spoiled) I'm missing my friend terribly. We've grown somewhat apart and I need to do something to rectify it. 

I'll be out of the cyber-loop for a couple of days and will re-surface back on the flat-tone of the keys, once I've heard all the giggles, laughter, and tears...either on the phone or in person. 

As I grow older, the importance of those dear to me...I want to keep that way.

Happy Trails,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

No more Sugar!

I live in a world where sugar, or rather carbohydrates are my enemy. Last night, I splurged on a simple chocolate-topped sundae. And pancakes with real syrup. Although I'm a diabetic and know better, sometimes throwing caution to the wind is what I do and today I've paid the price. It'll take several days for my blood sugar to level out again. Heavy carbs and straight sugar to me is like alcohol to an alcoholic...the body doesn't handle it well. Matter of fact, the symptoms are quite similar to a hangover.  (No, I'm not skirting over the life-threatening issues with diabetes, I just am not going into detail on this post...maybe another day)

Next time, for celebration of a new release, I'm going to splurge with a good old-fashioned salad. lol. 

I've learned my lesson--

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shades: A Memory of Me

D. Nathan Hilliard has just released another novelette titled, Shades: A Memory of Me. 

This too, is a winner. One more of his ghostly stories that'll scare the pants off of you! 

Be sure to have the lights on and make darn sure that the doors are locked. (yeah, it really is that scary!) 

And we shared another great writers' night out at Denny's. Met an interesting young man tonight who has one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen. Hi Matt. And for our pleasure this evening, our waitress, Lauren, kept us adequately filled with our liquids of choice. Thank you, little lady! 

I had way too much sugar and became more silly by the minute. For a diabetic, I try to do all the right things, but sometimes you just have to cave a little and splurge. (the 'hot shot' didn't kick in soon enough! haha)  Besides, Nate and I were celebrating both our releases coming out in the same week! It was worth it! (and now everybody at Denny's knows what I'm like drunk on sugar--at least I had a good time! lol) 

Otherwise, all is good. Tomorrow, it's back to work! 

Keeping my fingers crossed for rain this weekend--


Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Take on Publishing

From this writer's viewpoint, I'm watching an enormous treasure chest flung wide open. Gold, silver, and precious gems spilling out all across the oceans for readers. 

To me, this is like offering children free reign to the world's largest candy jar filled with every sweet imaginable. And I'm one of those kids. 

I have more books on my Kindle and Sony ereaders filled with independent writers than I do with traditionally published authors. Why? I've discovered those fine jewels and are gobbling them up. 

I've become a follower of writers like D. Nathan Hilliard, Joe Konrath, Zoe Winters, R.J. Keller, Christy Pinheiro, Amanda Hocking, April L. Hamilton, Rex Kusler, and Moses Siregar III...just to name a few. My taste for books cross almost every genre. I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. 

Know how I found these tasty morsels? Two ways--one, by word of mouth; and the other (which is my favorite), was perusing Amazon Kindle Books...for hours. I go to a genre, and when I see a title I like, I look closer at the cover. Then I read the synopsis. If I like the synopsis, then I buy it (if the price is right). 

If you look at the box about mid-way down on the page, there's an area marked "customers who bought this book, also bought..."  Now, that's word of mouth! And the suggestions genre-hops. I like Amazon's idea of openness. Yeah, I like Amazon, too. 

Reviews mean nothing to me. You see, I'm quite capable of forming my own opinions. And NO, I will not ever write a bad review. No matter what. If I truly didn't enjoy the book, I move on. Why waste time voicing my opinion on something I didn't particularly care for? Besides, one wo/man's trash is another wo/man's treasure. 

If you made it this far through my happy diatribe--good. I strive for compromise and harmony whenever I can. Can't help it, it's in my nature. 

What I don't tolerate is the constant disgruntle-ness, disrespect, disturbing and other dis's out there--slamming the choice a writer chooses to publish. 

A couple years ago, publishing choices were limited because of stigma placed on self-published or Indie Writers. Now, this stigma is quickly fading. It's nothing for an author to have multiple publishers. Quite a few writers have been doing just that for ages. Some use pseudonyms to keep their publishers straight, and some use pseudonyms to write in different genres. Most publishing houses want their writers to be loyal only to them as exclusives. Sheesh, who really thinks they can "own" a writer? 

Thank goodness publishing today offers a much wider spectrum for authors. Indie writers today have become more savvy than ever before and are taking full advantage of their options. 

So what brought me to write this novel of a blog? The stigma I keep hearing towards Indie Writers. I have noticed in the past month more and more traditionally published writers popping up, talking about going to Kindle boards and forums, picking up on what the Indies are doing to market and promote their work! What??? Yeah, it seems the trends have certainly changed? So why are the traditionally published backstabbing the Indie Writer? Because they are floundering. 

Publishers should be worried. The Indie writers' works are turning out to be the cream...rising to the top. They are no longer the exception, but are turning into the norm. 

Yes, I am published by a small press and I'm an Indie Writer! My whole goal as a writer is to be read.

It's a brave new world out there folks!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halo and Holly is up LIVE on Kindle

I'm unable to stop the giggles!  

HALO and HOLLY is now available on Kindle! 

Now for all you who don't understand about the little pic with the buy button on Amazon--let me explain. Clicking on it won't make you buy it. It will take you to my Halo and Holly page, where you have a choice. AND, for those who don't own a Kindle? You can download the "Kindle for PC" to your desktop (it's free!) :) 

This little short story, although is fiction, is based on our Great Pyrenees, Cheyenne. She wanted me to tell HER story, since I always write about German shepherds. She wanted me to tell the world that her breed of dogs are truly Gentle Giants. 

It's a wonderful day in the Galbiati house and I can't help but share my enthusiasm with the world. 

Keep the (Winter) Christmas lights shining,