Sunday, September 5, 2010

No more Sugar!

I live in a world where sugar, or rather carbohydrates are my enemy. Last night, I splurged on a simple chocolate-topped sundae. And pancakes with real syrup. Although I'm a diabetic and know better, sometimes throwing caution to the wind is what I do and today I've paid the price. It'll take several days for my blood sugar to level out again. Heavy carbs and straight sugar to me is like alcohol to an alcoholic...the body doesn't handle it well. Matter of fact, the symptoms are quite similar to a hangover.  (No, I'm not skirting over the life-threatening issues with diabetes, I just am not going into detail on this post...maybe another day)

Next time, for celebration of a new release, I'm going to splurge with a good old-fashioned salad. lol. 

I've learned my lesson--


  1. ...and the waitresses at Denny's can breathe a huge sigh of relief.


  2. OMG! Lauren probably won't let me back in their doors! (although, she did end up "dating" Matt--the last guy that turned out to be soooo cool) LOL LOL!

    Maybe I should go into match-making. NOT!