Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Take on Publishing

From this writer's viewpoint, I'm watching an enormous treasure chest flung wide open. Gold, silver, and precious gems spilling out all across the oceans for readers. 

To me, this is like offering children free reign to the world's largest candy jar filled with every sweet imaginable. And I'm one of those kids. 

I have more books on my Kindle and Sony ereaders filled with independent writers than I do with traditionally published authors. Why? I've discovered those fine jewels and are gobbling them up. 

I've become a follower of writers like D. Nathan Hilliard, Joe Konrath, Zoe Winters, R.J. Keller, Christy Pinheiro, Amanda Hocking, April L. Hamilton, Rex Kusler, and Moses Siregar III...just to name a few. My taste for books cross almost every genre. I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. 

Know how I found these tasty morsels? Two ways--one, by word of mouth; and the other (which is my favorite), was perusing Amazon Kindle Books...for hours. I go to a genre, and when I see a title I like, I look closer at the cover. Then I read the synopsis. If I like the synopsis, then I buy it (if the price is right). 

If you look at the box about mid-way down on the page, there's an area marked "customers who bought this book, also bought..."  Now, that's word of mouth! And the suggestions genre-hops. I like Amazon's idea of openness. Yeah, I like Amazon, too. 

Reviews mean nothing to me. You see, I'm quite capable of forming my own opinions. And NO, I will not ever write a bad review. No matter what. If I truly didn't enjoy the book, I move on. Why waste time voicing my opinion on something I didn't particularly care for? Besides, one wo/man's trash is another wo/man's treasure. 

If you made it this far through my happy diatribe--good. I strive for compromise and harmony whenever I can. Can't help it, it's in my nature. 

What I don't tolerate is the constant disgruntle-ness, disrespect, disturbing and other dis's out there--slamming the choice a writer chooses to publish. 

A couple years ago, publishing choices were limited because of stigma placed on self-published or Indie Writers. Now, this stigma is quickly fading. It's nothing for an author to have multiple publishers. Quite a few writers have been doing just that for ages. Some use pseudonyms to keep their publishers straight, and some use pseudonyms to write in different genres. Most publishing houses want their writers to be loyal only to them as exclusives. Sheesh, who really thinks they can "own" a writer? 

Thank goodness publishing today offers a much wider spectrum for authors. Indie writers today have become more savvy than ever before and are taking full advantage of their options. 

So what brought me to write this novel of a blog? The stigma I keep hearing towards Indie Writers. I have noticed in the past month more and more traditionally published writers popping up, talking about going to Kindle boards and forums, picking up on what the Indies are doing to market and promote their work! What??? Yeah, it seems the trends have certainly changed? So why are the traditionally published backstabbing the Indie Writer? Because they are floundering. 

Publishers should be worried. The Indie writers' works are turning out to be the cream...rising to the top. They are no longer the exception, but are turning into the norm. 

Yes, I am published by a small press and I'm an Indie Writer! My whole goal as a writer is to be read.

It's a brave new world out there folks!



  1. You wrote, 'who really thinks they can "own" a writer?' It's about time writers realized their power. And, we DO Own the power!!!

    Just today CCN had a story about how artists & musicians in the music business are in charge of their own careers - because of the changes brought about by iTunes. Writers can now join in with that prestigious group of creative artists.

  2. Yes, most writers are discovering they own themselves, are accountable to themselves and you know what? They're starting to like it!

    Now is the most valuable time in a writer's life to write!! The doors have swung wide open.

  3. Thanks, Cherri! What you've seen about traditionally published authors looking to indies for marketing ideas is really interesting. I'm not surprised, though.

    The stigma is unfortunate, but hopefully we can change it.

  4. Hi Cheri; great blog post, thanks for the shout-out. I try to encourage people to do exactly what you are doing. Publish-- just try it-- see if you like it. It costs almost nothing to do it these days; you can get your work out there basically for free if you publish a Kindle edition. There's really no reason not to try. I'm happy you decided to jump in the pool.

  5. Moses-thanks for the feedback. Loved The Black God's War novella, btw!


  6. Christy, I've been following you for quite some time. As a former accountant, you have a GREAT product out there! Yeah, it took me long enough to jump into the pool, and boy am I glad I did. You are right, there really isn't a reason not to try!


  7. Yep, there really isn't any reason not to be indie anymore. It's where all the action is... and where all the cool people hang out :)

  8. Nate-Thanks for your input. Can't tell you how glad I am for dipping my toe in the pool. It's a great feeling!