Monday, January 11, 2010

Writing, Winter, and Dogs

Writing is the greatest gift Heaven gave me. Winter weather keeps my energy levels at an all time high. Our dogs make me laugh till I cry every day. Life is good. 

This past November, I bombed out on NaNoWriMo. Too many things popped a good way. That's okay, because my writing continued and I'm proud to announce IMPACT FOR MURDER will be coming out in 2010. Exactly when? Not sure, but the manuscript is complete, the contract is signed, and the characters in this novel have become my dearest friends. 

More good news, the anthology, Mystery Of The Green Mist, will be released at the end of January. That's only a few weeks away and to say how thrilled I am to be in an anthology with such great writers is one of the highest achievements I can brag about. Writer, D. Nathan Hilliard is participating in this anthology and you'll certainly want to check him out! (as well as my own story) 

Hannah, our Dutch shepherd we adopted over a year ago is still learning. Every day she tries so hard to be accepted. Her past was full of trauma and my husband and I continue to pray that she'll come to fully understand that she is no longer in danger and that no will ever hurt her again. Yes, she has mental, many mental scars--as well as physical ones from her early little life. Our other dogs, Yadar, Brie, and Cheyenne are our class clowns. They're teaching Hannah all the ropes in the arsenal how to drive their Mom crazy. It's working quite well, I might add. Gotta love 'em! 

Winter came this year and broke several standing records. About time! I love cold weather and am actually getting my fill this year. We've seen snow, sleet, slush, ice...all the conditions that Houston is NOT accustomed to. The best part is that we don't have any mosquitoes. Hate those little blood suckers. And hopefully this hard freeze we're experiencing will actually kill off the larvae so the rascals won't hatch in the Spring. Cold conditions has its good side. 

Soon, I'll have The Scent of Silence completed and can hardly wait to send it off to my publisher. L&L Dreamspell is the best in the business today, and I am honored to be one of their authors. I remember when they first began a little over three years ago. I am actually one of their first writers accepted into their fold. Today, they publish over 150 authors and have grown in abundance with keeping up with the trends necessary in the publishing industry. Go Linda and Lisa! 

Now, time for me to say, "Good Day, wish all of you well." 

Putting on my mittens. Happy Trails,