Friday, August 20, 2010

Writers' Night Roar

Had another great writers' night out! D. Nathan Hilliard and I set up with laptops on our usual corner table at Denny's. What a grand session we relayed. Nate's latest work will be going up on Kindle soon--he's really quite prolific! And we discussed all the publishing alternatives, the advantages, disadvantages, and everything in between. Got caught up on the latest news in the industry and, in truth we realize how really blessed we both are. Both bright (although Nate's VERY artistic!), and we have both grasped these ongoing changes with strong attitudes moving in forward motion. I had too much caffeine again, so I'll probably be up all night long. I'm a night owl by DNA, so this isn't a problem in my eyes. hee hee. 

On a different note, for those who know me well, know I LOVE WINTER, but dispise hot, humid weather. So to change my fussy attitude this week, I've been knitting and crocheting up a storm! Let me show you what I've done...
                                                                       Stain Glass
                                                                                  Eye-Wiggle Ripples

Ahhh, and there's more a comin'! Now, I'll wear the sweater, curl up on the sofa with the warm afghan, and read a great who-done-it mystery. (after I've turn the a/c down to, uh, say about 60 degrees)  Living in Houston has its perks, but boy, come summer, I can't quit complaining enough about the dang heat! I hate hot weather!!! This weekend though, I intend to lift my spirits! 

When I'm not knitting or crocheting, I write. Once again, I can't say enough about the writing life. It's the best!

Happy Trails, and THINK SNOW!

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