Sunday, August 8, 2010

A much needed break

Tonight, I spent the evening with fellow friend and author, D. Nathan Hilliard at Denny's. He's still officially on vacation so he ate accordingly. (go Nate!) 

We discussed our future works in progress and laughed through the hours. It was quite refreshing to get another's view point on my current work, Title Unknown at this time, but the story is unfolding. We read each other's work and I must say, Nate is one heck of a great writer. His enthuseasm and cheerful disposition really keeps my interest peaked. He's produced a new cover for his The Barrow Wolf. Be sure to check it out!

Met a lady who is an avid reader as well as her son. Hi Terry! For your son, tell him to keep his dreams alive about becoming a writer and that the story he's writing--to stay with it! 

The environment tonight was especially lively which gave us both ideas for future scenes to implement in our stories. LOL! (a commotion is always good for a writer to take note of, except Nate and I were so busy yakking that we didn't know anything had happened till after it was over!) Yep, we're real observant! 

Other news--Hannah, our little Dutch shepherd is still a little pistol that thinks she's the ONLY one who should be living here...nevermind her brother and two sisters. That's our Hannah. As for Brie, Yadar, and Cheyenne--they are wonderful and ignore Hannah's antics. Hopefully Hannah will outgrow some of her insecurities. Afterall, it's ONLY been two years! Every day is whole new world for Hannah. We love her dearly--just wished she felt she belonged to the pack. One day........... 

I'm anxious to write down a scene before retiring tonight, so I bid ado--

Happy Trails,

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