Sunday, August 29, 2010

Got a new printer!

My husband surprised me with a new printer! I'm really excited over this one. It scans, copies, and yes--prints! A Lexmark that is so fast, I'm still amazed -- it prints 32 pages in under one minute. That's pretty darn fast, folks!

The old printer wouldn't communicate with my system after we installed Win 7. No matter what we tried, I ended up sending the file to Steve's computer and printing out whatever I needed from his printer. Well, I print a lot. The running back and forth became tedious after a couple of months and my whining machine grew louder. (guess he heard me-heehee) 

Susan's laid claim to the light green/dark sage afghan I'm working on and as soon as it's finished, I'll ship it on to her up in N.C.  This one is a beauty! 

After hours of frustration unsuccessfully pretending to be an artist, I've finally contacted someone for the book cover that became a flaming bush (a Christmas tree) gone wrong with two billy goats (Great Pyrenees) grazing over clumpy coals (a living room setting with presents under the tree). Now, I'll sleep better. 

Last night a new idea came to me for a new novel. This one I actually wrote the basics down, so I won't forget, and have put the notes in a folder for future reference. Too much to complete before rallying with this one. Of course, there will be a dog and a protagonist put through the hoops of hell. I keep saying that one day I'm going to write something "darker" that isn't my norm. And this one might be the one that I let all my inhibitions go. Writing really is standing before the world naked for all the world to see inside our souls, our minds, our lives, our world--and the way we perceive it.  

Time for me to file stacks of paperwork away and clear off my desk (again). The clutter is starting to bug me. After that I'll start tweaking on a couple of short stories, cause I want them to be my best. A sweet little canine Christmas short story I'll be putting up on Kindle in about a week. 

Happy Trails,

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