Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting her done!

Recently, I was asked, "how do you get published?" 

It took me a full day to think this answer over. And believe it or not, but it's complicated. I remember all too well what it felt like going through the frustration years ago of wanting to find time to write a book, then when it was finished, what next?  The process of finding that time alone can make someone almost give up hope in not wanting to complete their manuscript. But, if you prevail, and write even just a little bit every day, the ideas keep flourishing till one day, you actually write those crucial words, "The End." 

Why am I talking about writing the book instead of publishing a finished product? Ah, the answer is coming. See, if you're savvy enough to do the research to write an entire novel, stay with it and see it through the end, you'll find the hard part much easier to handle. The "getting published" part. 

The hard part is learning HOW to write, then put on the walking shoes (figuratively) and doing lots of homework. Join a critique group (many are free) or hire an editor. Seek out the best to show you how to make your words come alive on the page. Learn the writing business from the ground up. Search the internet for tips on writing--in this case, since I write fiction, that's where I'm directing my advice. Look up agents, publishers, etc. Find out what genre you're book is classified and submit to the proper agents and publishers. Not all agents and publishers will publish but certain genres.  Follow their guidelines to the "T" when submitting. Each publisher has a separate set of rules.

But before you submit anywhere, make absolutely certain that your work is edited, has tight writing, and zings with a good story! 

If you're going the Indie pubbed route, then skip the submission part of my advice, BUT, do not publish anything until it's been critiqued or edited by the best! 

It takes a strong willed person to accomplish a novel. It takes a heart of a writer to continue writing. 

Finish the novel. Do your homework. Study hard. Then the rest is up to you!

Happy Trails,

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