Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Revising and Knitting

After receiving some input from my readers on the short story I'm working on, I'm now in the revising stage. Helpful doesn't begin to cover it! Now, I know exactly what was missing and am happy to move forward. 

When I'm stuck on a scene or can't quite grasp what is almost in reach, I pace. A friend advised me to take up my hand crafts again to give my hands something to do while I'm in deep thought. So I have. Today, I pulled out box after box after box of unfinished projects and completed two afghans, a sweater, and a small throw. It feels good to wrap yarn around my fingers again. Then touching the cloth that is now soft, warm, and made by my own hands is really the best. It's a quick fix to seeing the finished product compared to writing. Writing takes a bit of time. Methodically slow, but yet fulfilling. 

Ahh, the good life...


  1. Sometimes, just getting things done is it's own form of therapy.

  2. Yes, it is. There's something said about holding, touching, tossing, throwing (not hissy fits!), in your hands and knowing you did it--all on your own. Whether a sweater, an afghan, or a short story. Therapy is a good word for it!