Friday, August 13, 2010

Another cool writer's night out

Had a great writer's night out with D. Nathan Hilliard (Nate), where we resolved the writing industry's problems-- once again! lol. We were both so caffeinated that by the time I dropped him off at his house, we were still laughing and being goofy. I doubt we'll sleep for three days. At least I'm pretty sure I won't. I drank at least 2 pots of coffee all by myself. 

We went over my current short story that is finished, but needs some fine tuning and tweaking. After I battle the "world of art" and learn how to do a decent book cover, it'll be ready to upload directly to Kindle

But the highlight of our meeting came when Nate's short story, titled, SHADES: DEATH IN WHITE SATIN came live on Amazon! I'd brought my Kindle along and was able to load it on right there sitting in the booth. Fireworks like the Forth of July shot out of the corners of Nate's eyes as he watched his "baby" come up! It's pretty exciting seeing your work, your name, and your cover right there for all the world to explore. 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy one for me--I've gotta get to tweaking on that short story and then try to come up with a color scheme that I can live with for its cover. But before I throw on my gown for the night, there's a scene I've been playing with on the current novel, title unknown as of yet, to get out of my head. Then off to bed. 

Happy Friday everyone,

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