Monday, August 23, 2010

The Learning Curve Just Got Twisted

Finally uploaded the pics of the crochet and knitted pieces I'd completed to my website at: marked the FUN STUFF section. They're a bit off kelter, but at least you can get a peek at what I do for a hobby. 

Now for the twist on the "learning curve". I've completed a sweet Christmas short story and am about ready to upload it to Kindle. All I have to do now is let loose my artistic mind and wrap it around how to do a book cover! So far, I've managed to insert a flaming tree (it's supposed to be a Christmas tree), and two dogs that look like goats grazing on a pile of coals. Sheesh! Nate, a friend and fellow writer, tells me to just play with the program and it'll all come together. Now, in my mind, tonight I'm asking myself, "when do we start playing?" Because I'm sure as heck ain't havin' no fun! This is maddening! LOL.

Tomorrow starts a new week ahead and I'm looking forward to it, now that I've had my Sunday evening with the a/c turned down cold enough to hang meat (according to my husband) and curled up with a wonderful story by Debbie Macomber, A Good Yarn. The cold, the new afghan, and the book put me on a much higher plain! Thank you, Honey for obliging me. 

Enjoy your week, I know I'm going to. Today is "doggie bath" at our house and four fur-kids will be getting dunked!

Happy trails and tails,


  1. I'm dying to see this flaming tree I keep hearing about :)

  2. Oh yeah, like I'm gonna post THAT on my blog! LOL! But, I've saved it because I keep hoping I can send the rascal up in blaze of glory!!! I'll transfer it to my laptop and show ya next "Writer's Roar" night out. haha