Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tracking Perception is now <<< FREE >>> on Kindle

A wish on a wing, and a prayer. For today and for only a few days more, Tracking Perception is available to all Kindle owners for {{{ FREE }}}

For those who enjoy murder mysteries--let me introduce you to Becky McAllen. She's feisty, clever, and holds a heart of gold. She doesn't take much from anyone and freely speaks her mind. Becky loves four things most in life: coffee, her husband, gossip, and dogs (not necessarily in that order). Oh, and murder...especially when she can step right into the middle of it.  Tracking Perception

If you're looking for some reads to pre-load onto that special Kindle for Christmas morning, grab my novel while the gettin's hot! 

This is just the beginning for kicking off a great Christmas Season!

Happy Holidays,



  1. Good luck! Here's hoping it reaches far and wide, garnering many more Cherri Galbiati fans. xx

  2. Vicki, Thank you! From your lips to God's ears ;>)

  3. This is a WONDERFUL BOOK!! How thoughtful that you're offering Tracking Perception as a free gift to you're readers!!