Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guard your words

More and more I'm hearing horror stories of how some authors are having their novels stolen and placed in ebooks on various sites by scrupulous persons without any morals. Hard work that's being stolen and placed up with some thief's name as the writer. Has our society reached the point of no return? I hope not. 

This is what I'm going to advise--hold your words as close to your chest as possible. Don't speak of a title, or give any highlights, and for goodness sake don't put up any chapters or rambling thoughts about your book and what it contains...until IT IS PUBLISHED! Guard your words as close to your chest as you would your SS#. It won't be long till us Indie Writers have formed enough of a strong hold that we can retaliate with the proper channels. Won't be long. 

On a lighter note--I'm thinking about Amazon DE (Germany). Maybe because it's so new or maybe because of the language barriers--whatever the hold-back, I'm wondering how to promote. See, I can say in German, "sit," "stay," "down," "alert," "search drugs," "go pee," and many other German canine commands...but when it comes to conversing, well oops! I'm at a loss!! And I don't think telling someone to "go pee" would be a nice icebreaker. :-) 

Guard your words, keep your chin up, and happy writing AND reading,



  1. Wise advice by the sound of things! What a complete waste of space some people must be.
    I can only imagine the feeling of having all the hard work of writing a book, stolen.
    I'm an ebook fan and was shocked to read what's happening.
    Hope you're enjoying some lovely weather Cherri :D)

  2. Hi Susan! I'm a great believer in karma and those thieves will get their just deserve, no doubt. Yeppers, we're getting some lovely weather, but hot, hot, hot!!! (I love cold weather and am already on the campaign for "think snow!" lol lol lol) :-)