Wednesday, May 18, 2011

KDP Heads

Tracking Perception
All Indie authors know what KDP is, if they're pub'd on Kindle. I've turned into a KDP Head. It stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. 

I check my numbers five minutes after the hour and the half-hour constantly. Then I run check my ranking numbers. And then I run over to the categories I'm in to see where I'm placed. (yep, I've turned into a KDP Head :-) It's basically "writer's crack." LOL!

I can now say I've joined the 100 club! Boy, what a feeling! 

On the flip side to my discombobulated life--my husband and I set up a hummingbird feeder, 2 regular bird feeders and a squirrel feeder in our backyard. Wouldn't you know it the squirrels like the bird food better! And the birds, especially the Bluejays, like the squirrel food! Soooo, everyone seems pretty happy eating till their little bellies are full. That makes me happy.

I love nature and I love the critters running around. Here's a snapshot of one of the squirrels stretched out hanging upside down...laying claim to his own feeder. ha! 

Life surrounds us all so many good things.

Embrace it with open arms...


  1. Hi Cherri, enjoy the feeling - it's well deserved :)
    LOL, it was so funny to read about the switched-eating habits of the squirrels and the birds. Still, as long as everyone's happy !!
    That's a gorgeous photo of the squirrel doing acrobatics - they're so cute, and they certainly provide marvellous photo opportunities. A pretty spot where you have the feeders too ;-)
    A lovely post, cheerio for now.

  2. Susan, our little squirrels that run around our neck of the woods are just so cute! They've really picky with their food and they throw all the *stuff* they don't like on the ground. The mourning doves loves what they yep, it's harmony!

  3. Yep - KDP Head, that's me, too!!! I love checking my sales numbers!!!

  4. Not sure if KDP is "training" us in OC, or if it's "writer's crack," but either way--I'm addicted! LOL!!

  5. Congratulations on your much deserved success, Ms KDP Head.

    You know all that time spent refreshing your sales stats could be spent watching the birds and squirrels... or writing! ;-)

    Vicki xx

    (For some reason, even though I'm signed in, the preview is howing as anonymous and I can't subscribe by email. Strange.)

  6. Vicki, thank you! (I think Blogger is going through some sort of growing pains and I'm sure they'll get it worked out soon--yes, I've encountered the same prob a couple of times elsewhere too)
    Oh, am gonna send you a couple of great pics of the birds and squirrels :-) Now, gotta check the KDP ONE more time. hee-hee
    Cherri xx