Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friendship, Peeling Away the Layers

Let me introduce my friend, Diana L. Driver, author of NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT.

We met in 2004 through a connection for writers. Diana was a Geophysicist. I thought, "what on earth am I going to be able to talk about with this woman? Sheesh!" Turns out she's one of the most rounded, educated, fun-loving people I've ever been in the company of, and we've never run out of conversation to this day. 

Diana opened a window into another diminsion for me. Going all the way back to 300BCE. Her love for history and the world we live in is infectious. When at times my eyes would glaze over (not from boredom, but whoosh, over my head), she'd bring it down to a level for the commoner (me LOL). I've learned so much from her that my professors never relayed from my college days. 

Diana's passion for writing is mind-boggling. I remember one day at her home when we were chatting about ideas and such for stories. She pulled out one of those accordian-sized folders that hold about a 100 slots in it. Packed full in every slot was paperclipped outlines she has for stories for future writings.  Well, shut my mouth! I thought I was onto something with my simple, but-thought-I-was-prolific, THREE ideas. I still crack up laughing over that one. 

In 2005, Diana self-published her novel, Ninth Lord of the Night. At that time, she worked every avenue and succeeded with getting her foot in the doors at bookstores. Our local Barnes and Noble named her as one of their "Best in Self-Publishing." She had connections with several of the bookstores, signed at many, and was written up consistently in the Houston Chronicle. No small feat for a self-published author. But, Diana set her mind to accomplish her goal and proceded to do it.

Then she was approached in 2007 by a small publishing house. She accepted with them and her book, Ninth Lord of the Night was released through traditional publishing. Estactic, we both were because my novel was released the same year through the same small press. Then everything changed! 

Bookstores no longer wanted small press, or self-published books. They turned their back on money makers in a business that should have flourished, not deminish. And publishers took on the attitude that the entire load of promoting and marketing fell on the author's shoulders. All I can say to that is this: "Epic failure," because when the "house" doesn't back up its writers, then no one wins. 

Fast-forward to the end of 2009. I bugged Diana endlessly about the changes in the publishing industry, till her eyes glazed over. I shoved every single article I read, under her nose. Then in the summer of 2010, we both had done our research throughly and knew that becoming an Indie Writer was the only way to excel in this writing world. By September 2010, I took the leap and left my traditional publishing days behind. For me, having CONTROL from start to finish is incredible. 

Diana Driver dove into the Indie World head first in January 2011. I'm so proud of her! What I haven't said through all of this is: Diana is the epitome of poise, grace, and level-headedness. She doesn't just "do things" without extensive research. (this woman went to Guatemala for her research on Ninth Lord!) 

Speaking of NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT, this is one of the best novels I've ever read in my life. Am I just saying that because we are friends...uh, no. Within our friendship, I am honest. Always. Right now, she has her novel, NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT on Kindle for .99cents. Folks, this is a bargain for a full length novel about the Maya, a teen-ager with attitude, and a world of smugglers, murderers, and a myth come true. For .99c you'll be caught up in the jungles of a world that'll bring sweat to your brow. If you prefer PRINT, she also has NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT available on Amazon for $9.99. 

For a blast into a cozy mystery, Agatha style, you might want to try her cute short story, THE END OF THE TOUR!

Diana and I have made it full circle...a circle that was never really broken. 

Let me introduce to you my friend, Diana L. Driver---


  1. oooo...this sounds up my alley! I'll have to check this out especially since that price tag is also up my alley :) I have to appreciate authors who go the extra step and research what they write about!

  2. Heather Hi!
    Diana certainly took that *extra* step! lol. Her novel, Ninth Lord, will pull you in from the first paragraph and never let up...the ending will knock your socks off!

    Thank you!! (tell Chris hi) How did the festival go?

  3. Heather, I'm really glad I took the time, trouble, and money to do full research for my novel, Ninth Lord of the Night. Nothing can beat one's own personal experience.


    Diana's Blog

  4. Cherri! Oh my gosh! Thank you very much for this writeup! I had such a great time writing Ninth Lord of the Night - and it's wonderful to see it promoted in this way.

    You and I have shared a tremendous amount of ups and downs in this writing business and we're so fortunate to have come out on top! :-)


    Diana's Blog