Monday, August 8, 2011

Fatal Liaison, by Vicki Tyley is now available!

Vicki Tyley's Fatal Liaison is definitely the best I've read all summer. Her style of writing and the life she's breathed into her characters bring them right off the page. Fatal Liaison kept me guessing and re-guessing till the very end. Well done, Vicki! 
Here's a quick blurb: 

The lives of two strangers, Greg Jenkins and Megan Brighton, become inextricably entangled when they each sign up for a dinner dating agency. Greg's reason for joining has nothing to do with looking for love. His recently divorced sister Sam has disappeared and Greg is convinced that 'Dinner for Twelve', or at least one of its clients, may be responsible. Neither is Megan looking for love. Although single, she only joined at her best friend Brenda De Luca's insistence. When a client of the dating agency is murdered, suspicion falls on several of the members. Then Megan's friend Brenda disappears without trace, and Megan and Greg join forces. Will they find Sam and Brenda, or are they about to step into the same inescapable snare? 

Fatal Liaison is available on Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. 

The suspense in Vicki Tyley's latest is an absolute FIVE stars. 
Happy reading,


  1. She got a 5-star review from GraceKrispy at MotherLode, too. Those are rare.

    Btw, my novel is finally out! It's been quite a journey and the launch went very well last week.

  2. Moses, hi! Good seeing you again!

    Yes, Vicki's Fatal Liaison delivers more than you'd ever imagine. I've enjoyed all her books, and this one is now one of my all-time-favorites. :>)

    Congratulations on your novel and book launch--woohoo!! Exciting times for all of us, for sure!

  3. Thanks, Cherri! :D

    Definitely check out Moses novel, The Black God's War -- it's received rave reviews.

    (The novella introducing the epic fantasy is currently free.)

  4. Vicki, hi! Congratulations on your new release, Fatal Liaison. *clinking glasses*

    Yes, Moses' The Black God's War is well worth reading. Already read his novella, and now have added the novel to my TBR :-)


  5. Hi Cherri, hope the hot weather over your way is calming down a bit :D)
    How are those lovely birds doing in your backyard?

    I too thoroughly enjoyed Vicki's Fatal Liaison. The two main characters got to me, the way they carried me along on their harrowing journey. Couldn't put it down!
    Cheerio for now :D)

  6. Susan, our heat-wave still prevails and so does the drought. The birds are lovely as ever--thank you for asking!
    Yes, Vicki's Fatal Liaison left me wishing it hadn't ended--I enjoyed it THAT much! Megan and Greg went through so much. I felt like I was watching an old Perry Mason show where I guess everyone as guilty before finding out "who"--Vicki's definitely the Queen of Suspense!!!!