Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catching up on my TBR stack

This is the latest read I'm enjoying. BICYLCE SHOP MURDER, by Robert Burton Robinson. 

It felt exciting to read about the Kilgore/Longview area in Texas. As a Texas gal, this book really took my interest. 

So far, from the very first paragraph onward, I've been captivated. Now, I can't wait for the ending...

Today, I'm committed to finish BICYCLE SHOP MURDER

Iced tea and an afghan, I'm headed to the sofa to curl up. *grin grin*



  1. Great cover!! There's nothing better than ice tea and a good mystery!

    Diana's Blog

  2. I enjoyed this book. The topic and storyline stayed with me long after reading the last page. This is a great read!