Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some end of summer reads

It's the end of the summer. Cooler weather is beginning to move down on our hot little heads. Finally! 

This has been the summer to remember--weather wise. I'll talk more about this summer once I can get my emotions in check from the drought, water conservation, trees dying, and now raging fires throughout my state. I live in Texas. 

These are my three stories: Tracking Perception (mystery novel), Halo and Holly (short story), and Yesterday's Chance (short story). All have wonderful endings, Happily Ever After, and I hope if you read them you can close them with a smile. They were written with love. 

I say goodnight with constant prayers for my neighbors who have lost their homes, their treasures, their lives. May the weather change soon and bring us blessed rain. 

Waving from Texas,


  1. Hello Cherri, Oh yes, your stories always bring a smile at the end... even though I didn't want the end to come :D)
    Glad to hear the weather is a little bit cooler for you, but, my goodness those fires!! Such a hard time for everyone involved. Here's hoping some rain will come soon for those desperately needing it.
    Kind regards, Susan

  2. Susan, thank you for your thoughtful words. Yes, the fires here have caused severe devastation. I know Australia went through this some years back, and I know you understand all too well. Thank you for your moral support, Susan--it is so needed right now. Your blog always makes me smile! Love you!