Monday, October 25, 2010

Discombobulated Muse!

Nate (D. Nathan Hilliard) and I had a really good session for our Writers' Night Out. Much was discussed currently about our works in progress. Funny how we found out that we both literally write by the seat of our britches, stringing one scene together after another. Sort of like watching a movie streaming in your mind (with all the characters talking right-out-loud and all-lol).  

Nate told me about a scene he's working on about his "dog people" and what their emblem is--can you feel my hands tightening around your throat, Nate?????? It got to me! 

My muse has been whispering about story lines for future books constantly lately and is doing a pretty good job of distracting my train of thought on the novel I'm currently in the middle of. (the first half has already been edited--just needs another set of eyes to find the logic bombs) She keeps shooting these fantastic ideas at me for future work and, I've gotta tell you, they're pretty dang good. Now, if only I could hush her till I've finished this one! Sweet little thing is quite discombobulated--just like me! 

This flu crud has sucked just about all the energy from my body for this day, so I'm going to say good night and wish everyone --

Happy Writing,


  1. LOL! It does seem that dogs don't fare to well in my books, do they. I'll work on that. I promise!

  2. I'm thinking "Bunny" is going to come and single handedly take the "dog people" OUT!

  3. lol! I don't think I'm going to let you read this novel...because you aren't going to like what the spider people did either. But I kept you in mind and didn't bump off any doggies this time.

  4. Oh yes I am too gonna read it! (thank you for "SAVING THE DOGGIES" in this one) Sheesh! It's about time you give the poor canines a break! LOL LOL LOL!
    And Hannah-the-Hun thanks you too...grrrrr