Sunday, October 10, 2010

Striving For Balance

Since my husband's been away in L.A., I set some goals. Split between writing like crazy and catching up on the always climbing TBR stack. Well, I've succeeded in both, making sure that the writing has priority. But the outcome on the reading front has been pretty impressive also! 

Just finished Vicki Tyley's "Sleight Malice" and must say it captivated my attention from the first sentence to the end. WAY TO GO VICKI!! Good story, really good! The ending surprised me -- which didn't follow the standard rules of formula, but did, if you think really hard about it. I loved the twists, the characters (Desley's quirks and good hearted reasoning will endear this woman to your very core)--so strong, and the elements of plot. 

D. Nathan Hilliard has done it again and recently (very recent) uploaded "Shades: Wind and Dark Waters" which I wanted to put the pic up, but for some strange reason won't let me copy it. The cover is dynamite though! I'll talk to Nate later today and find out why it won't let me grab the cover and once we figure it out, I'll post it on my blog.

In the meantime, I'm rolling in Becky McAllen's world. She's exciting, filled with life, and is going to make some really tough decisions -- especially when she finds a young woman hanging upside-down from a tree, bled out, just like fresh-shot deer. 

May your day be bright and cheery,


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