Monday, October 11, 2010

A few hours of sanity

This evening, D. Nathan Hilliard (Nate) and I stole a few hours at Denny's. For me, this was a godsend. I've been couped up too long in this house and getting out, being around people re-newed the ol' muse, giving her just the right amount of umph she needed. 

We brought our laptops and set up at our usual table. The waitresses, Lauren and Sarah were there to take special care of us. They're the best. Then we got down to business...real business. The side of writing writers dislike with a passion. The "business side" that drains inspiration right out and deposits it on the floor. BUT! We're both doing fairly well. Especially Nate--he's climbing the ranks and making good on his word that all of this is for FUN! And from his totals, he's having quite the good time! Way to go, Nate!!!! 

We brought to the table our thoughts on ebook pricing, the way print is disappearing without a trace, and how we're able to keep up with other authors we've met along the way in various avenues and are remaining friends. (NOT on fb--I personally feel FB is a social cesspool. {{{shivers}}} ) 

Tomorrow will be an exceptionally busy day for me, so I'm putting on my gown and headed to bed. I'll have my Kindle with me for the day tomorrow, then Tuesday it'll back to the grind. Looking forward to this coming week as rain is in the forecast. Please, let it bring in some more cool weather! 

Sending a big wave from Houston,

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