Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Owl

Last night a baby owl captured my heart. He looked to be about 3-4 inches tall and his tiny wings weren't quite feathered yet. 

When I write, I do a lot of pacing...all night long. At 1:30 this morning I glanced out the window in the game room, which faces what I call, "the woods". We had a full moon last night and the entire yard was bathed in its marvelous silver sheen. Lo and behold this little creature blinked at me, perched on one of the slats of our fence, facing the window. He was only about 20 feet away. I opened the window, not believing my eyes. Where did he come from? Had his mom put him in time-out for misbehaving in the nest? And for pete's sake, where was its nest? I know nothing of owls, their habitats, or the different breeds (if they even come in breeds?). But he was a cutie! 

Without a second thought, I ran and woke my husband--he just had to see this precious wee owl. We both stared in awe and ooo'd and ahhhh'd till Steve finally went back to bed, leaving me cooing at the little fella from the window inside our house. Then worry filled my heart and I didn't quite know what to do with him. A predator could eat him for an appetizer or worse, just maim him.  Wasn't sure if I touched him would his mom reject him? 

Then out of nowhere, and I do mean nowhere, I heard the soft flap of wings--his mother returned and scooped him up with her talons so smooth, I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. She carried him away into the woods and all I saw was their silhouette shrouded in a silver sheen. I love nature. Yeah, I cried. 

Guess Junior's "time-out" was over and I'm betting he doesn't misbehave for quite some time to come. (of course I know it was more like a teaching excursion)

I feel privileged to have been witness to one of nature's delights. Small things tickle me to no end, and today I'm skipping on air!



  1. Thank you, Christy. I wanted to take a pic, but worried that it might scare him and make him fall off the fence. My heart is still singing for him.

  2. What a magical experience. I'm not surprised you were skipping on air.

  3. Vicki!!!!! Magical is exactly the right word for it! I wished you had been here, with your camera...I know you'd have gotten a perfect picture of the wee fella.