Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A tree took out the powerlines!

Yesterday, we experienced yet another minor storm--so the weather service says. Trees were snapped in half in our neighborhood like un-cooked spaghetti. While thunder boomers roared, vibrating the windows, our power blinked once and then that was she wrote, folks. An old oak tree across the street, driven by heavy winds, fell into the power lines and popped them off the poles. We were without electricity till late evening. 

The funny side about this? Every male who lives on our street seemed driven to come out and "help." They pointed at the professional tree cutters, impressed by the hydraulic chain saws used. (Note to my husband, Steve--the answer is NO, you can't have one!) But, the best part of the evening turned out to be how all the "men" deemed themselves traffic cops! All trying to throw hand/arm signals at the drivers as they reversed their huge vehicles to maneuver and get turned around to leave. This process took over an hour. The scene from my front window left two of our lady neighbors, watching with me, in fits of laughter. I swear one of the electricity trucks took aim at our husbands, threw his vehicle in Reverse, and gunned it! Our husbands scattered like ants!!!  

All in all, it was a pretty decent day. I sat under a window for light and wrote the old fashioned way... with pencil and paper. 

Happy Trails,

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