Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

It's HOT! I'm already dreaming about Winter and wishing for snow. 

This weekend was dedicated to my husband. Steve and I cooked, laughed, held hands, and spent quality time together. Funny how when old married couples grow used to the other and forget -- we actually sat down and remembered our dreams, our goals from when we first married. We've accomplished quite a few! And are still adding to that list of goals. We live simple lives...we like it that way. It takes only a second in time to complicate and we've chosen the harder route by striving to keep it simple. It works for us. 

However, in between the meals and chats, I wrote non-stop in my mind. I've got a great plot running around and can't wait to get started plotting that rascal out. My goal to begin this project is July 1st of this year. And I'm looking forward to see what I can do to with it on my own. (I hear rumblings from the pubbed groups out there-Don't! Wait! Are you out of your mind?????) To all the nay-sayers, it's gonna be okay. By the time this novel is finished, I'll have a strong plan for promoting and am anxious to see how it does--on my own! What have I got to lose? Heck, I'm a newbie writer, so not much. Living by words of wisdon--"if you don't try something new once in a while, the outcome will never happen." 

Happy Trails, keep smiling with your chin up--

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