Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going through the editing process

This is not my first stroll on this beach. But it is the first time I can compare it to something. Like the time I knocked out my front tooth. It hurt like crazy and left me snaggle-toothed for all the world to see. (that is, until I could get into the dentist's office) 

I'm learning. Learning to believe in my own judgement and at the same time respect another's point of view. It's a long way from completed--we've only just begun and I know the outcome will put the fizz right back in its sparkle! 

The good part is that my editor and I are working together on this novel, this sweat-drenched piece of work I poured over for about a year of my life...to shine, put a pretty bow on her wrapping, and send her out into the world for all to read. IMPACT FOR MURDER will make her debut in September!

In the meantime, I'm keeping my dentist's number close by. 

Happy Trails,


  1. I commend you on your upbeat and positive attitude!!!!


  2. Keep it positive, move forward. That's my moto! Oh, and always remember to have FUN!

    Thank you, Diana.