Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Lick of Sense

Recently I encountered someone who informed me they had never met a dog with a lick of sense. At first, I thought about it and then realized I would just have to talk about it. 

If you took an average four-story office building and put all the people together and squeezed out their 'common sense,' you wouldn't have enough to fill a thimble. 

Yet, every dog I've met could overflow a barrel with good old fashioned 'common sense'. Why? It's simple. Dogs act and react using Mother Nature. They don't analyze everything to death--they act upon the situation, using Nature's instinct. Still, dogs hold compassion and honesty, never swaying in their decision. 

In every book I write, in every short story, I include dogs. Why? Because a sense of pride fills my heart to share some of our dog's antics. As I've said before, I'm partial to the German shepherd breed and can not give you a reason why I'm drawn to that particular breed, anymore than I can explain why my favorite color is red. They just are and it just is. 

To write with my pack of dogs surrounding me is the perfect zen for my environment. They touch the softest, most tender part of my soul--my spirit.

Happy Trails,



  1. Animals are a gift from God. As for dogs not having "common sense" - how can anyone be so un-enlightened? Stay away from whoever that person was...he (or she)is too, too scary!

  2. Yeah, animals are the best. What I didn't include in that post is that I'm a CAT person also; and those critters are LOADED with sense! lol.