Thursday, July 29, 2010

High-Tech, I'm not!

The learning curve is quite away out in left field for me. Learning HTML, DTP, PDF, file conversions, and now I'm sinking in the RSS feed stuff. 

I know everyone loves new techology--shoot, I like it too. Especially as we watch blu-ray on high-def TV. Or with the click of the mouse--email all my friends. This is great. But at some point, I sometimes want to say, "this is getting too much, could somebody PLEASE accept my type-written manuscript from an old Selectric typewriter?" (now days, I can't even find ribbon cartidges for replacement) Sooo, I've accepted the computer, the upgrades for software (just as I finally figure out the old one, feeling snappy with it, out comes something 'new' and the old is obsolete), and all the hassles it entails. 

What I don't get, is all the constant "do it yourself" commands. Life at my age should be gentler, less complicated. *sigh* 

Tonight, on the agenda after supper, is to learn about RSS feeds, what they do, why, and how come I have to learn this too. **throwing my hands up in the air, with a smile**

Happy Trails,

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