Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First round of edits--ARE DONE!

The entire novel for Impact For Murder edits are complete--for round ONE! (hope Cindy doesn't shoot me)

Round Two -- should begin soon. (hope Cindy doesn't shoot me) 

The giddiness is beginning to build with knowing another release is just on the horizon and I can't start to say how thrilled I am. 

This time, I'll really be pushing the ebook form on KindleI really love my Kindle and have even persuaded my hard-nosed, hard-covered-toting husband to get one too. He's now a believer and takes his with him everywhere. Avid readers like to keep something close in hand--voila, the Kindle! 

Books come in all prices, and if you're savvy, smart, and budget minded (like the rest of us), you'll find gems written by authors who are the best! 

Today, my head is glued to the screen and my butt to the chair--I'm working on the sequel to The Scent of Money

It's raining here in Houston, so it's a great day to enjoy the soft eerie darkness outside and conjure up a good murder----

Happy Trails,

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