Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Surging On

After a full 8 hours sleep (most unusual for me), my characters are sharper, crisper, cleaner...they are defining themselves on deeper levels. I love when this happens. 

Stories come from the inner person. The part that connects the brain to the heart. It can't been seen. No MRI can diagnose it, no x-ray can light it up. But it's there. So as my novel unfolds, I bring to the reader a combination of my personal experiences as well as the ones I've made up. Our environment is a feast to a writer. At least I know it is for me. People watching is important--this is a treasure-trove of information. Also animals. I observe my dogs all the time and actually honor their sense of discipline, humor, and simple social networking. Smell--that's important to bridge the gap for emotional waves. Think about it...when you smell the hint of cinnamon in a fresh baked apple pie, what is "it" that makes it so appealing, so comforting, so welcoming? When you can put words to that question in the form of an answer, then you, too, will "see" what connects the brain to the heart! 

Here's striving for another creative day to heighten all our senses--

Happy Trails,

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