Monday, May 14, 2007

Tick, Tick, Ticking Away--

Time is not on my side. I've gotten caught up in life's interferences and although not one particular incident is major, it is still an inconvenience.

We had a critter pass away in our attic a few days ago and didn't know it until yesterday morning when the odor ran us out of our home. Honey removed it and we've been airing the house out ever since, open windows and open doors with the air conditioner running non-stop. I've gotten zip writing done, but at least the critter is the ground, not the attic.

What reason the critter found to make its home in our attic? Well it involves my husband REMOVING the sky lights out of the game room because of an itty-bitty leak. And now a BIG blue tarp and some plywood covers the backside of our house.

One day last November, I pulled into our driveway to see my Honey on the roof holding a circular saw in one hand, waving to me with the other, and a chain saw sitting next to him. Goggles covered his sweet face, wearing a grin to die for. After the wave of panic passed, hoping he wouldn't fall off the roof, my senses snapped back into place and I realized the man was up on the roof with a CHAINSAW!! Yes, cutting holes in the roof, removing the sky lights. He had bought more tools, which is an on-going issue in our home. He's not a carpenter, but loves power tools, hand tools, tools in general. (And in his defense, I will say this: He is very good at repairs and can fix almost anything...the operative word here is "almost.") The itty-bitty leak is now Niagra Falls when it rains.

And over the past several months I've danced with mean thoughts about Honey falling off the roof, especially when it rains as I'm pulling out all the buckets, pots, and pans. Ma and Pa Kettle, here we are!

The critters had an open invitation to live in the attic--be it uninvited--and made themselves a nice nest up there. In the meantime, I've been slowly losing my mind over the critter situation. It ended yesterday, not by my choice for its demise, but I can't say I'm not glad.

Anyways, after yesterday's fiasco of carting out a dead, stinking, critter out of the 400 degree attic, Honey called a roofer yesterday evening and we got an estimate. I accepted the estimate not caring if they overcharged us or not, wanting, no make that NEEDING a new roof so badly, I could spit.

I told my niece about the new roof and she immediately reminded me about all the loose nails and to be careful. Actually, I'm embracing the loose nails and all. This roof will be the end of my six month headache.

Construction on the new roof begins in two weeks!! (by professional roofers, not my husband).

Speaking of my husband, let's just say he won't be doing any handy work on the roof least not for awhile!

I'm counting down the days--

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