Friday, May 4, 2007

Procrastinating Writing

Writing can be a lonely path to navigate and so to entertain my muse, I have developed patterns of involuntary habits. For instance, this morning I went straight to computer, remembered the load of laundry sitting in the washer from the night before. Took care of it. Back to the keyboard, thought how nice my desk would look with scented candles. After searching two hours for the candles, took care of it. Comfortable once again in front of the screen, heard the garbage truck beeping up the street and dashed out with the garbage bags, running in my jammies. Took care of that little problem. Flexing my fingers in front of me, once again sitting at the computer, my tummy grumbled for lunch. Ignored it because I hadn't written anything and it was already past noon, but did manage to find a couple of Ritz crackers behind my desk calendar. Took care of that. Back again with hands poised over the keyboard, the phone rings and it's my husband wanting me to look up an article he had stashed in his office. An hour later, paper found and took care of it. Slouching in my chair, my mind crammed with ideas to put down on paper, fingers burning to let fly, when I smell eau-du-poop. Our puppy, who has re-written all the doggie rules, has done the good deed behind my chair. She looks for praise when she does her business and doesn't care whether it's done inside or out, just knows it's a good thing to long as she gets praised. Cleaned it up, set the fan on hi, went and watched a movie on TV while my office aired out. Yep, took care of that.

Back in my office with a renewed sense of writing, finally hoping for that thread in my brain to wind into a spool, not wanting to back down, the hubby came home early from work and asked me if I accomplished what I set out to do for the day and would I mind frying him some chicken tonight. Since we haven't eaten FRIED chicken in, oh say a decade, I let my eyes wander over to the little baggie of poop and thought, "Not a problem, I can take care of it."

In the back room of our house, sits my office, where I have glued my fingertips to the keyboard and have written for two straight hours,uninterrupted. Of course, this is after serving my husband a gourmet meal delighting his taste buds with tuna fish sandwiches and milk.

So for now, I must say goodnight. You see, I have plans to rise early so I can get into the writing mode right away... after folding those clothes in the morning that have been sitting in the dryer all day...I can take care of that!
On a wing and a prayer-
Cherri (originally written 4/3/07

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