Friday, May 4, 2007

Getting Personal

Spent some time setting up a myspace area on the web this week and got lost in the fun of connecting with others. (my url is There are so many people who are reaching out to others in the most unique ways. Impressed? You bet ya! It seems our lives have become somewhere between 'hectic and whoa! wait a minute,' and few have time for anyone anymore, simply because our schedules are so tight. So, this week, I slowed down a bit, perused people who live such interesting lives in some of the most positive manners one could imagine. In a world where day to day tragedies seem to hog the news, it is very refreshing to read about so many who are strong, giving of themselves, and living in the affirmative.

Okay, I've been asked to share some personal points about myself that really isn't known. Here goes: I was a Bluebird/Campfire Girl as a child.
My favorite food in all the world is a cheeseburger.
I still make wishes on stars on a clear night.
I'm still drawn to clover patches every Spring in search of four leaf clovers and have done so for many decades.
To my ears the most precious sound in the world is child's giggle.
I have never fallen asleep at night before saying my prayers.
And finally, I believe with all my heart that Good overcomes Evil, every single time!

Well, there you have a small idea of what makes me tick. I'm a simple person who loves life.

Keep your head held high...even if your keister is dragging the sand,
Cherri (original post 4/28/07

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