Friday, May 4, 2007

Building a Website

I've got to tell y'all, I don't profess to being an expert at the computer. Yes, I can manage to look up nearly anything on the web I desire, and in some cases more than I wanted to see. But for those who design web pages, my hat is off to you!!

Friends and family coaxed me into getting my own web site. I did. What they didn't tell me about has stressed me out to the point where I'm beginning to ask if there is one. I enjoy looking at all the interesting sites and blogs of other writers. Mine is pretty "naked" compared to theirs, so let's don', that is.

One day I hope to look back at this block and think maybe I've progressed just a tiny bit. But in the meantime, the nice folks at the Tech Center are there. Matter of fact, yesterday, on the young men called me by my first name, before I gave him my identification. He said he recognized my sweet southern voice. I'm going bold and saying that was a compliment, because God knows there will be many more calls to be made before I'm comfortable with dallying up, "previewing," and "publishing," sending my nakedness out there for all the world to see without a hitch!

For now, I'm returning to my writing about the body in the wood chipper--WAIT till you read my book!

Happy Trails to All-
Cherri (originally posted 3/4/07.)

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